Fiber and Spinning Wheels - My New Addiction

Okay…ever since I started learning to knit, I’ve become your average stash queen. I have a room full of yarn, crying to be made into SOMETHING.

Then, about a year ago, I started learning to spin yarn. I got a wheel at a local consignment store for a great price. Now, I have a boatload of FIBER, screaming, “Sandy…spin me!”

I was at another consignment store the other day, and spied a lovely spinning wheel for a great price. I started to go over and look at it, then caught myself and forced my legs in another direction. The LAST thing I need to do is start collecting spinning wheels! Before long, I’ll turn into this woman:

:roflhard: :roflhard:
Now that is what you call an addiction.

Ha Ha - But it could happen. I met a lady at a spin in who has (had) 40 of them. She bought up every one she could find to keep them from being turned into lamps or chairs. :thumbsup: Of course, that was 2 years ago. No telling how many she has now.

She’s the owner of the one and only “Refuge for Homeless Spinning Wheels”. :rofling:

Hey, that is too funny!!! She does seem the type who would run an orphanage or something. :lol:

Where was this wheel and how good was the great price? DH would LOVE a wheel, and his birthday is coming up, and I get the feeling he’d do better with a wheel than a spindle.