"Fetching" from Knitty

I really like the idea of “fetching” from the new Knitty issue–it looks like a quick but cute project that would be a good birthday or Christmas gift for a friend…I’d love if someone wanted to join in. If you are interested, please leave a reply here–I’d like to get started in the next week if possible.

Here’s a link to the pattern:


Ohh I’ll join! I’ve been wanting to make them so much. :slight_smile:

great! I want to give a few others some time to join and I need to get my yarn and stuff so let’s say we’ll start a week from tomorrow–on the 26th. How’s that?

What color are you thinking? I can’t decide…since I’ve got a certain friend in mind I’ve emailed her to ask if she has a favorite accessory color…I don’t know whether to go funky or neutral. She’s pretty funky.

I’m thinking of making it in Violet SS or an olive green yarn. I don’t have size 6 DPN’s, so I was thinking of either using the magic loop method or two circ method.

What colors are you going to use?

I’ll join in too. :cheering:

I think I might already have some cashmerino aran - I’ll just go and check!

26th it is then! That’s the day after my boys break up from school so at least I won’t still be rushing from pillar to post with leavers parties, cubs, scouts, birhtday parties etc! DS1 has three parties just this week! One tomorrow, one Friday and one Saturday - plus another one next Tuesday! I’ll be needing some knitting therapy by the 26th :wink:

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: I like these fingerless gloves. Really like them. And I think they would be a quick and fun knit…

I have 2 skeins of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk at home from the Yarn Swap and I wonder if I can substitute the Casmerino Aran with the Alpaca Silk. They come out the same gauge but I’ve never touched Cashmerino Aran so I have no idea if they sort of “feel” the same… Anybody knows if this substitute would work out?

I love the Alpaca Silk and I think it’ll be glorious to be able to wear it on my hands as fingerless gloves… What do you think?

And… Do I really need to commit to another KAL when I have projects on the needle? Just started a wool sweater for myself and I have some other projects laying around for waiting fr my inspiration… :thinking:

Ladies, do your job and talk me into this! :roflhard:

I think they’d be gorgeous made from that, I’ve used it before and it’s so soft, isn’t it?! If the gauge works out ok, then why not?! What color do you have?

I haven’t used cashmerino aran but I have used the baby cashmerino, I don’t know how similar they are but baby cashmerino is lovely and soft. Alpaca silk is more fluffy but I think it’d make great gloves :happydance: GO FOR IT!!

Oooh, I think I might join in too, I wonder what to use :thinking: This will be my first KAL! :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

I think every one of you should join! I’m so excited that you guys are interested–YIPPIE!!!

Hey Cat–you NEED these gloves! Think of it as a treat for getting through all of your dd’s events this week!!!

I have no idea what color I’ll use but I’ll likely stick with the yarn called for b/c I LOVE IT…I’m just kicking myself b/c I had found it on clearance a month or so ago at a table sale (in a not so popular color…sort of burnt orange). I almost bought it but didn’t…:frowning: I will like choose an odd color since it’ll be a gift for a somewhat unusual friend of mine. One the one had I’m tempted to do them in black b/c her job requires black for work but on the other hand…I kind of like the idea of something fun and funky too…I emailed her to ask her favorite color but haven’t gotten a response yet (she’s in Canada filming a movie!!).

Once I decide on a color…I’ll let you guys know. Thanks for joining in…I think I need to pick up some 6 dpns so everyone has another week to get what they need!

I’ll join :slight_smile: I’d like to knit a pair for the new LYS… this can be my class example!

My Debbie Bliss is just Merino Aran rather than cashmerino aran - do you think it’ll still work. The gauge on the ball says the same as for the cashmerino.

I really can’t buy any more wool! :oops:

I will hopefully have time tonight to do my swatch!!! 'Cause I’m in!!! :cheering:

I have Sage (colour number 6). The shade I see on this website doesn’t do the colour any justice. It looks grey (at least on my screen) but in real life, the colour is truly sage.

I really think that one of you must be spying on me to find out which KAL I’m going to want to do next! :shock:
I JUST pulled out some yarn for this and was studying the pattern yesterday, so I’M IN! :cheering:

My yarn is [color=olive]Rowan Yorkshire Tweed DK in #349 “Frog”[/color] (I hope that shade doesn’t give bad vibes :rofling: )

I love that Rowan yarn! I think the merino is fine, it just won’t be quite as soft.

Hildie–I’m glad you want to join. I can’t believe how many people are interested–I’m so glad I decided to do this! :slight_smile:

I have my dpns…now I gotta pick up the yarn this weekend.

You know I think you are right. I also have this Jo Sharp blend in Brindle that I’m using for a lacy scarf, so maybe I could make Fetching to match :thinking:

That might be a nice addition to the scarf!

I’m using Catalina baby alpaca in “lavendar melange” :happydance:

this yarn has a lot more yardage to it than the DB, so I might even be able to get 2 pairs out of it!

I’m afraid in the end I’m going to want two pair of these so I’ll probably pick up enough yarn for two…the first pair will be a gift for a friend but the second will probably be for me! :slight_smile:

I like everyone’s yarn choices…I think I’ve decided to use some shade of red.

well, check that, I’m NOT doing to cataline baby alpaca. The new LYS lady, Kathy, thought they would be cute for a class, but she wants me to do them in a yarn she carries (and I guess I don’t blame her…). She won’t be getting the new DB in until sometime next week.

I could, of course, make a “practice” pair for me :slight_smile: I like the alpaca sooooo much and I bought it on an impulse, so this is a great project.

You gotta do some for you or you are going to burn out with all that knitting that you are doing for Kathy!

[size=1]do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, [/size] :wink: