Hi All, i am learning to knit a toe bag, i have the bottom done but now it says to rotate and knit up 13, how do i start this I dont know how to pick up the stitches… any help would be appreciated… :??

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okay pardon me…sorry.

so picking up stitches sounded pretty scary to me when i first saw a pattern with it. then i found one i HAD to make and decided to try it. It is actually quite easy. Go here and scroll down to see Amy’s video. she explains it perfectly!

Look HERE to learn how to pick up stitches :slight_smile:

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kewl name eh …

Thanks guys for the help

well now I know how to pick up the stitches as i am working with circular needles i found it awkward to do , i got the stitches picked up , but i had everything twisted around… lol anyway thanks for your help B