I was wondering if anyone can direct me to a great felting site (information, how to’s, patterns, etc.)? I was thinking I might want to do something cool for my mom for mother’s day, but want to see how hard it is and whatnot. Didn’t know that you knit something and then felt it through washing, aggitation and/or dyer. I want to get the low down on this! I thought a big black purse might be cool for her! Thanks!


good felting books:

Knit One Felt Too

Felted Knits
that one is by the great Bev Galeskas, author of the wonderful FT Clog pattern

Simple Knits for Sophisticated Living

and I just noticed that author has a new purse book out soon!

good felting yarn properties chart

sorry, I didn’t use any websites, but I’m sure there are tons out there. I learned from talking with coworkers and my best friend. basically I just put the piece to be felted in a fine mesh bag or a pillowcase securely closed shut (so the fibers don’t clog up your machine), use a low water level, hot water, and most vigorous agitation setting repeated over and over until the piece is the size/texture you want. DO NOT SPIN or your piece may get stretched out of shape. rinse in cold water. air dry if possible. if you have to use the dryer, you need to VERY CAREFULLY monitor the piece as it will probably shrink more.

if you do a search on the word 'felting" in these forums you will find a lot of stuff. good luck! I’m anxious to see your FOs :smiley: :thumbsup: !

There’s also a felting forum here: