Will felting shrink your piece a lot? I’m attempting to knit a bag that is supposed to be 16 inches and around 120 rows widc. By the time I had approximately 80 rows in garter stitch it was already 17 inches. Should I just keep going, or try stockinette.

Next Question. The pattern is worked on double pointed needles. I casted on 13 and worked back and forth on 2. It said to knit each row. So should that be in stockinette since I am using double pointed needles or garter stitch since I am only using two.

it depends on the yarn you are using as to the amount of shrinkage… some shrink 40ish% others only 15-20%, so it’s usually best to test felt your yarn first with a swatch to see how much you will lose.

If the pattern is using dpn’s i’m assuming it is knit in the round, and every knit row in the round will result in stocking stitch. If you have converted the pattern and are knitting it flat, then you would have to knit one row, purl one row to achieve the stockinette finish.