Hi…has anyone felted the Capri purse from the book Pursonalities Plus?
Here is a picture below. In the felting process it stretched to 17 inches, it was supposed to felt 13 inches in length. The purse is knit sideways and I if anyone can tell me what happened I would appreciate it. Thanks![/img]

Did you use the yarn they called for?

Hi, oh, yes, I used the correct yarn, Cascade 220. I did contact the author of the book and she wrote back and said that since the purse was knit and assembled sideways that I should have tried stretching the width as far as possible, however, the length stretched 4 inches which is way, way too much. I couldn’t have possibly stretched the width enough during felting to bring the length up four inches. I’m feeling something else was going on. There was no mention in the pattern that stretching could occur.

Well I do know that it shrinks more in knitting direction which is usually the height. Since it’s sideways it makes sense that it would shrink the way it did. I have no idea why that wasn’t taken into account though. You could put it in the washer again, but this time don’t stetch it length to see if that helps. It’s a cool looking bag anyway! :thumbsup:

Thanks both of you…it is a mystery. I cannot felt it again as I have finished it as a gift. The icord handle ties just fit too, wouldn’t want them to shrink more. I actually had to cut 4 inches off the bottom after felting and sew the flat part of the bottom back on. Talk about patience! I stitched it with nylon clear and it turned out fine. So I will leave it alone, but before I do another I would like to know what happened.