Felting yarn

my pattern calls for paton’s classic wool yarn. It comes in 100 gram balls, 205 meters 223 yards. It is worsted weight yarn.

It seems kind of pricey to me. Does anyone have suggestions for a cheaper substitute? I like wool of the andes but it comes in 50 gram balls 110 yards. I would need twice as much right?

Yes, you would need twice as much Wool of the Andes. Elann.com also has Peruvian Highland wool which would felt nicely.

By the way, you can get the Patons yarn from Joann.com for $4.87 a ball, which is cheaper than I’ve ever found it in a store.

thanks. I think I’ll go with the Patons from JoAnn. the Elan yarn looks beautiful as well. Maybe I’ll use it for the next project

I’ve never felted the Elann yarn, but I have made a sweater with it, and it was really nice.

I’ve used both but only Paton’s for felting…Wool of the Andes is 100% wool so it should felt WELL…it may felt differently so use caution.