Felting with lighter colors

I know I have heard that lighter colors felt differently than darker colors. I was thinking of making some FT CLogs from myself using WOTA tan and mulled wine. Tan is very light. Has anyone felted with it?

It’s only if they bleach the yarn first before dying the light colors, that it will affect the felt rate. I’m pretty certain WOTA isn’t bleached, because the white isn’t stark white, and all the colors have felted the same for me, I’ve felted as light as snickerdoodle (light beige). I’m sure folks would have mentioned it in the Clogs KAL thread if there were issues, lots of people have been felting with WOTA, you can probably see that exact color felted somewhere in that thread if you looked. :wink:

i have it felted fine…if only i hadn’t knitted the hat to fit the jolly green giant! :rollseyes:

Just a thought, but when working with reds, when you do a felting sample, do some of both the tan and the wine to see if the wine is going to bleed. I know when I have worked with some reds that they are not very colorfast!