Felting vs nonfelting...How do I know what yarns will felt?

Fairly new to knitting here. I’ve been warned that some yarns will felt when washed and to get stuff marked “superwash” when ordering online. My question is, can you tell by looking at a yarn whether it will felt or not? Or is there some sort of “code” I haven’t learned to decipher yet that’s on the paper wrap of yarns in the hobby stores?

No, you can’t tell by looking at it. If it’s mostly animal fiber and doesn’t say superwash then you hand wash carefully.

Hmmm. Maybe I oughta ask this instead: if I [I]intend [/I]for something to felt, what sort of yarn would I look for?

Animal fiber that doesn’t say superwash. So e blends work, but they may not work as well and they need to mostly animal.

100% wool or alpaca will felt easily.

acrylic or man made fibres will not felt … great, therefore, for baby bibs as they can be washed safely in a washing machine.