Felting Solved

I kept looking around on the internet and realized I had done the hot water and soap, etc. But nobody mentioned that you have to really scrub the fibers together and it really totally looks like a solid mass and not a knitted piece!

And re shaping - piece of cake after the scrubbing! I’m a happy camper.

Excellent advice to know in advance. I have some felted purses bookmarked that are simply begging me to make them.

Jouf, glad you found the answer to your felt problem.

beldarran, My girlfriend made 2 felt purses that turned out beautiful. She placed them in the washing machine with a tablespoon of a mild liquid soap and a towel for agitation. She kept checking the purse while it was agitating to make sure it was the correct size.

I would love to stitch one someday.

I definitely want to make some purses, but have to wait a few months before we move into our first house. I’ll have my own washing machine then. 8)

Here’s some of the patterns that I have bookmarked:

Purse One
Purse Two
Purse Three
Purse Four

I see that Amy is missing a section dedicated to purses in her Free Patterns page. Maybe if we ask really nice… :wink:


You’re not going to believe this. I DO have a section for “Bags and Purses,” but I forgot to put the link to it on the main patterns page! LOL

I’m so glad you dropped this hint! :slight_smile: Who knows how long it would have taken me to realize this!! :roll:

I’ve put the link on the main navigation page. Here’s a direct link!

Thanks again!

Yay! Thank you. They are all B-E-A-U-tiful :smiley:

I go to the site, but no patterns! Just the headings at the top. Something I’m doing wrong?

Hi Jouf,

It might be your firewall… sometimes they’ll block images, treating them as if they were advertisements. (According to Sheldon. I don’t know a thing about it! LOL)

I just double-checked everything, and the images are definitely there! (and not just cached on my computer.)

The only other thing I can think of is if you’ve got a slow connection, and are just not giving them enough time to load…


Amy, you’re probably right! I put a new firewall on this computer and it runs a tight ship! Oh, well. I’ll figure it out one of these days.

I’m trying to make the Booga Bag that Amy has a link of… I’m afraid of the felting part – but I’m sure it’ll all work out… I’ll post a pic when I’m done.

Jessica, I made slippers. Here’s what I did re felting: I put through the washer like they said and used a bit of Woolite and took out before the spin cycle. Nothing really happened. Did that twice. Then put in wash tub with HOT water, more Woolite. I thought they were done. Rung them out with towel and tried to form them - they were still a bit big, sloppy, and I could still see the knitting stitches. Read more. Then realized wasn’t right. Did the wash tub thing again, etc. Tried to form. Still could see a bit of the knitting stitches. Then I saw where they really scrubbed the fibers together! So I got a metal rack out of my microwave, put in wash tub and rubbed the slippers hard on it for a bit and then rubbed them together a bit. Rinsed, rung them out with towel, and put on my bare feet to form. THEY ARE PERFECT! When I take them off, it looks like my feet are sitting there on the floor!! I LOVE THEM!

I think now all I have to do to clean them when dirty is wash in cold water, ring in towel, slip them on for form. And then let dry again.

Anyway, good luck. I know your purse will work out great. By the way, I used Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride and only used one strand instead of double like most say to do. But I think the double would make them really really great!

I thought I’d post a picture of my felted slippers. I am new at knitting and was thrilled that one of my first projects is so usefull and great.

Did you use Bulky or Worsted?

Those slippers look fantastic!!!

Those look really nice. I want to make a pair for my family. Having the three of us running around in those slippers would be cute. Would it be a bad idea to put some of that “rubber” stuff on the bottom or would that somehow wreck the felting? Our house is going to be all linoleum on the main floor, so I am concerned about slipping.

Feministmama: I used worsted. That’s what the recipe called for.

And, by the way, it’s at www.Knittingatnoon.com and it’s the “family of slippers” But there’s a more detailed description at www.knitty.com - Fuzzy Feet.

Beldaraan - that’s what my daughter just suggested to me - re some kind of rubber bottom (so she can wear them outside).

I’ve never done anything like that and don’t even know what it is or how you do it. But you’d have to put it on after the felting whatever it is.

Let me know if you do it. Oh, and I have slick tile in kitchen and large hallway and am not having any trouble with sliding yet. But you know how kids are - better be safe.


Ann - I don’t think you really need a washing machine to make those felted purses. Just put in sink with hot water and soap and agitate them yourself. I think it’d work.

I’m going to make up a bunch of slippers and when my daughter, her boyfriend, and my mom, etc., come over, I’ll felt them with them here so I can form them to their feet! What a funny night that’ll be.

Jouf, those slippers are amazing!!! Nice job!!!

I’ve never tried felting before. That looks like a really fun project though, I may have to give it a try, when I find some time to work on personal projects!

As I said, I’ve never done felting, but I’ve read that a good way to do it is in the washing machine, with hot water, and a pair of jeans thrown in to promote agitation. I would think it would work best with the machine only half full of water or so. I’ve read you can felt them this way, and just keep checking on them, and trying them on!, until they’re the right size! I can see how doing it by hand would work, too, but I’m lazy so I’ll probably try the machine first! LOL!


The “rubber” stuff I’m talking about is like the stuff that is put on the bottom of infant and toddler socks for grips. There’s usually a pattern (like paw prints) or the company slogan on them. I think I’ve seen it at Michael’s and I’m sure any craft place would sell it. In fact I think companies like Barbie and Crayola also have kits where you can put your own patterns on clothing.

Doing the felting in the sink sounds like a good idea to me. That way I won’t have to wait until I move into the house to get at my washing machine :wink: It also seems like I would have more control over the agitating process, plus I would be able to see it happen. Maybe I’ll try those slippers next after I’m finished my hubby’s hat.

I am 1/3 thru my first Booga Bag and on the advice from my LYS iwas told to felt by tying it & the i-cord in a pillowcase with a few towels or washcloths and washing in hot, rinse in cold. It may take 3-4 rounds, but you can also run your other wash to save water :smiley:

Will post a pic when I’m done

The Booga bag is so cute! and I L O V E noro yarn.

About the rubber stuff on the bottom ofslippers… i read somewhere that you could use puffy paint/fabric paint on the bottoms of slippers to make a non-slip sole. After the slippers are dry, just squeeze the paint right rom the bottle ointo the bottoms… you can do swirlies, names, … customize for each person in the family. I suppose you could put it on the tops to, for decoration. I’m pretty sure that stuff is washable, but I’ve never tried this technique.