Felting shrinkage

Is it true that knitting shrinks more in length than in width when felting? If so, I think I’m in trouble. My WIP bag is plenty big enough around (on 29" circular), but it’s only about four inches high thus far, and I’m near the end of the first of my THREE skeins of yarn. (And I’ll still need to knit the bottom, plus the handle/strap!)

Yep, you’re in trouble… been there, done that! LOL! Live and learn… they do shrink more in height/rows than in width/stitches. If you felt it now, it’ll only be about 2" if it’s 4" now. Ya gotta frog it and give it more height. I can try to help you… how tall do you want it to be? How big around do you want it to be?

If you’re like me, you’re trying to do one that has lots of room… Try using a formula of 54/18, which means your bag will have 54sts for the front and back(108 sts. total) and 18sts for the gussets/sides(36 sts. total) Are you starting at the top or the bottom?

Holler back, I’ll head to work and check in with you in awhile… Mary

I have to agree with Mary. That has been my experience too. I ended up with bags that were too short a couple of times. Now I have to force myself to make it qute a bit longer than I think it requires.

If I remember correctly, about 75 rows will give you a bag that’s around 10-11" in height. For I-cord shoulder straps, you’ll need to knit about 135 rows/5-6sts, to have a 20-25" finished/fulled/felted strap.

I made myself a bag from some Russian wool that I had left over from other projects… well, in this case, the bag is too huge in height and around but then again, I love it cause it’s got a multitude of different colors and is big enough for me to keep my knitting in, even large enough for an afghan or sweater. Soooooo, I did it with like 190 sts. total (25st gussets and 70st front/back). I’ll have to get a picture for you and post it.

In the meantime, I want to do a nice, felted, multicolored rug to put beside my bed with sage, white, cream colors… Gotta figure out if maybe the “Log Cabin” squares thing will work and if my washing machine will hold it to full/felt it.

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Okay, everyone. I have done four inches of knitting, and I’m nearly through with the first skein (of three). Do I really have to frog a WHOLE skein of yarn?!?
I don’t really care about the size of the finished bag. Of course, I do want it to be shaped somewhat like a bag, not a skillet. I would just go out and buy another skein of yarn, but I bought this yarn on clearance about six months ago, so I doubt I would find it. Maybe I will rip it out. Wahhh!!!:frog:
Anyway, thanks for all your imput.

“I’m near the end of the first of my THREE skeins of yarn
I DID read that wrong… If you’re on your first skein, may not be necessary to frog out but you do need about 75 rows for the bag body, for a 10” height. Are you using a pattern or winging it?

OH! I read it wrong, too. I thought you’d used three skeins of yarn and still only had 4 inches of height. Couldn’t figure that one out!

Sorry, but I’m not good enough at estimating yarn to be of much help. One thing you could plan, if you have coordinating colors of yarn, is to knit the handle/strap and/or bottom in a different color.

I had some leftover yarns at Christmas and did several purses for my dd’s that way… striped them and put on different handles, etc. It was a good way to use up leftovers and make sure I had enough for each bag.

Hope that helps.

No pattern…I’m winging it. So far, I’ve done about 25 rows of stockinette stitch. It’s curling so bad that it looks like it’s about an inch long. Anyway, it is about four inches long, and I think I may have five inches by the time I finish this first skein. That was a good idea about making the handles and bottom of a different color. I may have to do that. I really don’t want to start over, but the bag looks so darn wide! Also, will the curling stop when the bag is felted, or do I need to put a border on the top edge?
Thanks everyone!!

you are knitting in the round?

If kaye were knitting it flat, could she turn the finished project, seam it so the rows were vertical vs. horizontal and then the bag would felt/shrink more in width vs. length?

How many stitches?

143 stitches on size 8 circular

Kaye, on size 8 needles, it won’t felt as much! The larger the needle size, the more it will felt. So, with this in mind, you may not have to worry too much about it over-felting or having a “Skillet” bag. LOL, love that… anyway, I will have to say, I have only done one item with the smaller needles so my experience past this point won’t help you much. I DO know that the 8s won’t felt as much as 11s or 13s.

I’ve never felted before, and I had no idea that needle size had anything to do with the outcome!
Well, unfortunately, size 8 is the largest circular I own.
Any answers to my question about the curling on the upper edge?