Felting Question


I have finished my first felting project - a bag. I have done the felting, and it is currently drying. The instructions say to stuff the bag to help it hold it’s shape and that you can use a phone book wrapped in a plastic bag. That is what I did. It has been drying for about 2 days now, and the plastic bag covering the phone book is wet. Will this eventually dry, or should I take the phonebook out and leave the bag open to dry? I’m concerned because I don’t want it to lose it’s shape.

Another thing that the pattern said to do was to roll up the strap, WS out, and secure it with a rubber band so that when you sew it to the bag it won’t curl. Because it’s curled, the strap is still really wet. Should I unroll it, or just trust what the pattern said and let it sit until it’s dry?

Is there anything that is safe to do to speed up the drying process?



I usually stuff my bags with plastic grocery bags, or if it is box shaped, I’ll find a box to fit and cover it with a plastic bag…and hang it in the shower… or if it’s a nice, sunny day…I sometimes hang outside to air dry. You may need to take a large towel and roll it again to remove the excess water, then place the box back inside it (wrapped of course) and hang it to dry…I wouldn’t be too concerned with the handles as long as they are shaped the way you want them.


I have another question - a Website that I looked at said that you could use a hair dryer to speed along the drying process with felted items. Has anyone done this or know if it will cause any damage?

Thanks again!!


I’ve never tried a hair dryer to dry felted items… :thinking: I suppose it would be ok if you wanted to stand there for awhile :wink: