Felting question

Ok, this may seem like a dumb question…

I have a front load washer. You can’t open the door and check on stuff inside once the cycle has started. So how does one felt something in a front loader??

(FYI-we just GOT the thing so this is a totally new adventure for me using this beast anyway!!)

That could be very difficult! I think there was someone else here who had that issue…I’m pretty sure there is no way to open it while its running, but since it’s new you could check the manual???

You’d either have to risk letting it go through the whole cycle or wait until you go to a friend’s house with a top loader.

i have a front load too and as long as it hasn’t gotten to rinse or spin cycle i can open mine when i shut it off. i can’t do it while it is running like with a top load of course but as long as i shut it off it will open. sometimes i don’t get back in time and it gets to the rinse or spin and i just advance it to final spin to make it run through that cycle and get it to shut off. try washing a load and seeing if you can shut it off to get the door to open. otherwise i would say you may have to cross your fingers and do some praying. one good thing…it takes longer to felt in a front load so you will probably be okay. i haven’t had anything that has felted in one cycle through the machine yet!

Well, one thing this machine DOES have is a setting that says NO SPIN. So, I guess I can set it for the super hot setting and the no spin setting and let er rip.

Maybe instead of putting your whole hard work piece of felting in there and praying you could knit a little swatch in the same yarn and felt it first instead. That way at least you’ll have an idea of how much it will shrink before you just dive right in.

Do any laundromats in your area still have top loaders? It’s an option, too.