Felting question

When you put the goods in the wash to felt, you don’t need to use any soap, right? It’s just the mix of hot and cold that felt?

I’ve heard different things - I’ve heard that you can put a little sprinkle of detergent in, and I’ve also read that it’s not necessary to add anything.

I’ve only done it without adding anything to the water, so I can’t say if one way has worked better than the other for me.

I added a small amount of Woolite to mine, but I don’t know if it’s necessary. I also don’t use cold water at all.

i usually felt stuff while I’m doing a regular load of laundry… my husband’s work clothes ( i don’t want lint on my stuff!) so mine is usually wash hot, rinse cold, with powdered detergent. Works for me!

Here’s a good article about felting: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter03/FEATfelthis.html

He recommends a little soap, but I don’t think it’s imperative. It might take any remaining lanolin off the fibers, but most of us aren’t using that kind of wool (usually).

Well now that I have felted once and am now and EXPERT :lol: HA HA HA, kidding! I did felt once, I used hot water and a touch of woolite. My clogs felted in like 15 minutes. I guess having really hard water helps too. I rinsed in cold water. That is my one and only experience so far.

I felt using hot water and a little Eucalan lavender.

And it’s the agitation against other things that help the felting process (in addition to the hot water). I use old jeans that I have no hope of ever wearing again. They’re nice and heavy and abrasive.

I also set my washing machine on the heavy-duty cycle so that it agitates more.