Felting kweshtun

[b][color=indigo]i made a cell phone cover for a friend of mine and her dog ate it. she batted her eyelashes at me and convinced me to do another one for her but i think i might want to do it differently. i have some yarn that is basically like a fun fur but it has irridecent pieces in it that look like plastic almost. i am just wondering how this stuff would hold up to the hot water of felting.

this is the yarn that i used for it and this is the blurb about it…

Add a little shimmer to your life with Adriafil Stars. Stars is a shimmery, soft eyelash/fur yarn. 50% Viscose, 50% Nylon. Machine washable

i know i have seen patterns with fun fur included in felting but i am concerned about the little plasticky like pieces melting into some weird hard thing. (it sort of reminds me of that irridescent shred stuff people put in gift bags except in reeeeeeally small pieces of course)

anyway…what do ya think? :??[/color][/b]

It says Machine Washable. It won’t felt. As far as I know, only wool will felt–and not washable wool, either.

oooh i am sorry…i only meant it as an accent…i was going to do it with wool…i knew after writing all that i was forgetting something. :rollseyes:

[color=red][size=2]shakes fist at yarn hungry dog[/size][/color]

I don’t think anything would go wrong with the material itself since it’s only hot water. I don’t know about sizing, though. Someone else will have to advise you there.

Unless the yarn says machine washable COLD only, I would certainly assume it could be washed in hot water. And if that’s the case, it will work wonderfully in felted wool. I say, go for it! :thumbsup: