Felting in an He washer

Help-- anyone
I was successful at felting in my older washer but then moved and thought I will be more efficient and such and buy one of those new washers. Well they don’t felt as well needless to say. Does anyone have any advice for me outside of buying an old washer just to felt in?


Did you try felting it longer? I’m pretty sure I have a high efficiency washer and my stuff felted just fine. However, I haven’t felted in a non-HE washer, so I didn’t have anything to compare it to. How did yours not felt as well? Did it not felt as much (i.e. stitches still show)? I also did it on the highest water temperature setting I could use (sanatize on mine)

Is it a front loading washer? I know that those are harder to felt in. A few people here have done so successfully so if that is it they can help. :wink:

Yeah, mine is a front loading washer.

I have felted successfully many times in my front loader. just need to put some heavy things like jeans in them. My mother keeps a pile of old jeans for me since i don’t wear them and that is what i use for felting. no towels though… too linty.

Some yarns felt better than others but that is true with any type of machine. i have had the best luck felting malabrigo and manos.

Weird response/question: Could one felt by boiling the work in water on the stove?

Hmmm…interesting question…I would think you could, but you’d still have to agitate the work and doing that in boiling water may not be the best idea. Might be a good option to “shock” the work if it’s not felting as completely as you’d like though.

I know I may be totally :oops: when I get the answer, but what in the heck is a(n) He washer???

Non-HE Washer = Non-High Efficiency Washer or a washer that is considered less efficient. Don’t be embarrassed. :wink:

My front loader felts too well! I once put a shawl in on the handwash cycle, cold water thinking it would be safe. I really didn’t want to handwash it as one of the cats had barfed all over it. I had heard that front loaders don’t felt as they don’t agitate the clothes. Wrong! Yup, my shawl came out all felted. Since then I have used it to deliberately felt some things and it works fine.

What brand machine do you have? Mine is a Frigidaire.