Felting - and yarn brands

Do you need to use the same brand yarn within a project if they are being knitted up to the same gauge? The specific Project I have in mind is the felted clogs and the yarns I am debating combining (unless you gurus tell me not to!) are WOTA and Patons Classic and/or possibly Elann’s Peruvian Highland. I have a specific color project I want, and WOTA doesnt have the right burgundy!

I’m no expert, but as long as the gauge is correct and the yarn is 100% wool, I believe it is fine to sub.
I want to see a pic when you are done with the project!!

I am thinking of doing that as well. I have the yarn that I will be using so I am going to make a test swatch to make sure it will felt allright. If I remember correctly some wools will felt differently… or something like that :thinking:

I also could be pulling that out of the air. Any of you expert felters out there know?

Swatching is a good idea.

Im thinking the only problem may come in if you use one yarn for one part, say the straps of a purse, and another yarn for the body of the purse. The two parts may not felt evenly or at the same rate. BUT if you held both yarns together as ONE, then that should even things out.

Test swatch would be imperative I think…

I am doing felted clogs, and am having a hard time finding the proper purple/burgundy/maroon that I need to match his letter jacket…I have the gold dead on though!

I could probably do the entire thing from the Patons stuff, but its just not as tastily priced as the Knit picks :slight_smile:

It’s been my experience that different brands do felt differently. I was of the “well, it’s all worsted, so it doesn’t matter” variety until I used three different brands of wool on a felted bag I made for my sister for Christmas. The bag still turned out good, and my sister will love it, but it’s decided to be square instead of round.

See my blog here for details.

The clogs I’ve done have been in Cascade 220, which, no surprise, came out perfectly. I also felted a backpack for my dd, which was Cascade 220 and Lamb’s pride. I’m ashamed to say I did not do a test swatch, however, the felting was seemless. There was no differentiation in the yarns at all after felting and this was consistant after 5-10 minute intervals in the felting process (I used the wash cycle of my machine).

Have fun!

I just used cascade 220 AND a skein of the cheaper patons classic on the same purse and there’s no telling the difference except for the price especially when you get to use a 40 o/o off coupon at Joanne’s.