Felting and Washing Machines

I have a front loading machine – can I still felt? The instructions I have been finding online all talk about top loading machines, and stopping the cycle to check the felting process.

I’ve just finished a purse with novelty yarn in it, and need to felt it now. But I’m starting to be discouraged about my machine. :pout:

Here’s something i posted a way long time ago…

one thing is that you have to know your front load. some will allow you to open the door after the cycle starts and some won’t. mine lets me until it gets to the spin cycles after that i have to pretty much wait it out.

i put mine in a pillow protector too with as many old jeans as i can find and even a couple of pairs of old tennies. i have never been able to felt as fully as others but that could be because i am not patient. [eta: I was able to fully felt Malabrigo successfully without having to go through a lot of cycles] you might need to add some hot water through the process and run it through more than once. i would avoid having it spin out if possible just keep resetting it back to the beginning. also don’t forget to shock it with cold water in the process as well.

it may take several rounds through the machine to get it as felted as you would like but it can be done!

big thing, before you start, is that i would test the machine to see if it will let you open it once it is started. Some do, some don’t, and like mine, some will for a while but once you get to the spin you have to let it finish

I have a Frigedaire front loader and it felts fine.

nothing to see here.

Do you start and stop the cycle? I think I’ll just bung my project in and see what happens. LOL It will either felt, or it won’t. It will still be a cool looking purse, in either event.


I have a front loader and I do much the same as brendajos – pillow protector, lots of jeans for friction, etc.

My machine has a pause button so I can stop a cycle but I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that it takes a whole cycle, if not more with some, to get the felting I want. It depends on the yarn I’m using and whether I’ve knit with it double, some felt faster than others.

In fact, I was amazed at how quickly things felted in a top loader when I watched a video of felting techniques on another site. A top loader gives much more aggitation to the garment than a front loader. Mine seems to gently rock my laundry while a top loader is more of a “rock and roll.” I think that’s why front loaders take longer to felt.

well, gotta get on the treadmill and watch today’s Knitty Gritty!


I felted my purse tonight. I used the shortest hot/cold cycle, and it came out just fine. I could probably put it on the middle time setting and do a tad bit better.

All in all — I was very pleased with my first attempt. Still need to attach the I-cord handle, but need to wait until the purse is dry.

Hope it’s okay to attach a picture. If not, a mod can delete it. Thanks!

very nice :thumbsup: (although at first glance i thought it was something roood!! :?eyebrow: )

oh dear :oops: