Felting a bar of soap

I know this is not really knitting but wasn’t sure where else to put it…

I very much want to make felted soaps as gifts for people but the bar always turns to mush after a few uses. I am rather addicted to felting. Anyway I have tried commercially available soaps, some random soap from Whole Foods and then last week I use a bar of Goat’s Milk Soap that a friend made. She even added a stabilizer that was supposed to prevent the soap from going soft. I’ve used it 3 times and the bar is turning to mush inside the felting. What’s the secret !!???

That’s interesting. They have some asst my LYS, but I’ve never tried one or made one. Are there recipes or patterns online that might help?

Apparently you can get soap specifically designed for felting?

I couldn’t find anything for us in the US. I did find this page that does address this question somewhat further down the page.

One theme that came up repeatedly was to let the soap “cure” or harden before using it for this project. Also glycerine soap doesn’t work well.