Felted Sewing Machine Cover

I was tired of looking at my ugly plastic cover…so I made this.
Pattern is available on my blog: http://www.funknitsforkids.com/

Mine is made with Paton’s SWS and embellished with scrapbooking brads. Enjoy!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: What a fabulous idea! I love the colors of the yarn & the scrap booking brads are such an awesome addition!

That is sweet!! You did a wonderful job on that. Good idea. :cheering:

I’ve made two felted handbags recently and it’s so much fun! Seeing your sewing machine cover made me think I need to make myself a felted toaster cover. I currently keep a folded dish towel over the top of the toaster. A felted cover would look so much nicer!!

what a great idea! i’ll definitely use your pattern. :cheering:

as it stands, my inherited singer is covered with a trash bag. my mom made my clothes with it! so, it definitely deserves more respect. :oops: