Felted ring pillow?

My daughter wants me to make her a felted ring pillow for her wedding. The ring pillows I saw in the stores were about 6x6 inches or so. Any pattern ideas for a pillow and or suggestions as to how big I would have to knit the squares?

I’m not sure. Probably the best way would be to do a sample in the yarn you choose, measure it both before and after felting to see how much shrinkage you get. Not all yarns felt the same. Also… white yarns don’t generally felt as well so keep that in mind.

Thank you

Also, remember that your piece will shrink more in length that width … so you would have to knit a rectangle to get a square … Once felted, your piece becomes “fabric” and can be cut into a perfect square and then sewn together if you want to make it like that.

I made a felted ring pillow for my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding a year and a half ago. I just knit a really big piece of fabric and then felted it. I cut it into the appropriate size square and then my mom and I sewed it together. We also added beads and tiny flowers to it make it more ornate. It turned out very well. :slight_smile:

Hello friend,
I think you should first see some samples and then try to make a ring pillow of your needed size.There are many good Wedding Ring Pillow patterns which I have seen in one of my friends wedding like Anchors Away Ring Bearer Pillow,Aqua & Rhinestone Ring Pillow,Chiffon Ring Pillow,Coastal Mist Starfish and Seashells Ring Pillow,Coastal Mist Starfish and Seashells Ring Pillow,Darling Duo Brown and Blue Ring Bearer Pillow etc.
So you have many options to select it from :happydance: ,and design your daughter’s wedding Ring Pillow.