Felted purses

mom isn’t quite “getting” what I want for the felted purses I want to make. So, I am getting all sorts of crazy things…but the latest, I want to do double duty with it.

It is a V neck sweater, and a pretty deep V…I want to save the yarn from the “V” up before it is felted. But am afraid that if I just cut the yarn, the rest will be a shrively mess. Do I really have that worry??

How can I save that yarn??


You can run two rows of sewing maching stitches across where you want to cut and cut between them. If you just cut, I think the bottom will unravel before it has a chance to felt. In fact, since you’re going to unravel the top anyway, you can do one row of stitching and then cut above it.

If you don’t want to sew it, you could unravel down to the ‘bag’ part and run a strand of yarn through the stitches at the top of the bag, or crochet a piece of yarn through them.

as much as I despise my sewing machine, I think I’ll take the sewing route. The yarn is REALLLYYYYYYYYYYY tiny…and it would be INSANE to try and catch the yarn.

THANKS!!! :slight_smile:

oh should I zigzag it, or just straight stitch it…

When I’ve done steeks, and it was on really tiny yarn, I straight stitched and it worked out fine. Just make your stitches small.

Heather, please be sure to post how this turns out. I’ve also got a sweater I want to make into a felted bag.