Felted handbag

This is Paton’s SWS in Regency and the button is from the button drawer. I modified the booga a bit since it is for my girlfriend for her birthday and I know she uses mostly shorter, wider bags.

I like it! I’ve been thinking about making a Booga Bag, but I like the wider, shallower style bag too. What modifications did you make, if you don’t mind my asking? Pretty colors, too.

Ok, I used size 11 needles, cast on 40 instead of 34 stitches, picked up 20, 40, 20 around the bottom and then knit 66 rows. I just felted until it was about what I wanted then put it on my box and pulled it to the shape and dried it outside.

That looks great!

I really like how those colors felted together and how you added a button closure. Congrats!

I almost had a heart attack when the button arrived. I am up against the wall time wise with this gift as I forgot and couldn’t afford any mistakes! I paid like $3 for the one button and when I opened the box and took out the package, the button was[B] purple[/B] :shock:! I mean loud [COLOR=purple][B]purple:ick: [/B][/COLOR]!! It was flipped over backwards! :lol: :doh:

Super duper awesome! Cool colour!

It looks great.

I just ordered some WOA from knit picks to make a couple of Amanda’s Squatty Sidekicks for my daughter and mother in law.
I am liking these felted handbags.