Felted flowers?

Does anyone have a cool pattern for felted flowers? I made a felted purse about 2 years ago. It didn’t felt to the size I had wanted, so I set it aside. Well today I took it out and thought - hey, it would make a nice knitting project bag! It needs to have some embellishments though and I thought maybe some felted flowers would do the trick. TIA!

Noni usually has some good ones:


I made a Noni flower from one of these books, then embellished by making an I-cord stem that wound around a bit on the front of the bag. Also found a free pattern for leaves, felted them, and sewed a few of them to the I-cord. It came out looking pretty cool. You could even make the I-cord long enough to wind around to the back of the bag.


Try this




Nicky Epstein has a whole book on knitted flowers (embelisments) and about half are for knitted flowers…

her method is to knit a square/rectangle of fabric, then felt it, the cut the felt to shape and sew together.

you could do the same. make some felt… and then find some pattern for paper flowers and cut and sew (rather than glue) the cut shapes together.

Go to knittingpatterncentral.com and look under the Flower category. Lots of knitted flowers there.

This is a great idea! Thanks!