Felted flower pattern

Does anyone have a nice pattern for a felted flower? I have seen some pretty roses but cannot find a pttern.

I have used the rose that is found on Knitty, there are also several others @ www.knittingpatterncentral.com :wink:

thanks, I’ll check those out.

u r welcome :wink:

Hi, I am really interested in felted flowers too. Patons has an entire book about them. But…if you are like me and don’t necessarily want to buy a book, they have a free sample pattern on the Patons website. I used that flower pattern to embellish a booga bag and posted pictures and that link in “My First Booga” post. Hope you find what you are wanting. If you find anything else, I’d love to hear about it!

Have you guys seen these? They come in a kit and are really cute. I have some on order right now for the store. Should have them up soon.

No, I hadn’t thanks for posting. Those are really CUTE!! I love lilies and those look so realistic!

Nonibags sells the patterns for the flowers separated… Some beautiful ones too…