Felted cat bed

I am making a cat bed from “Anchor Wash + Filz-it” and the reverse of the label tells you to wash it at 40 degrees (centigrade) to felt it, but the website says up to 60 degrees. Theshade cardalso says 40, so I guess I should try it at 40 and if it doesn’t work try 60?
Our washing machine is one of the newer environmentally friendly ones that uses hardly any water, but takes ages to do a load. Hopefully it works!

Good luck with the felting ! I’ve never seen any directions as to temperature of water to use other than hot…I just toss my stuff in a hot washer with some tennis balls, old jeans, and dish soap with lots of bubbles and then a cold delicate rinse.
I’m not sure the hubby believes me, but I keep telling him that I will never part with my top loader. It works beautifully for felting and I’ve heard mixed opinions about the front loaders ability to felt. I even offered to let him run power and water to his shed if he lets me keep my old washer out there.

well I felted it in our washing machine (front loading) and it shrank way more than expected at 40 degrees, had to invent a stretching device. However I put it in front of the fire tonight to see if the cat would use it. He sniffed it suspiciously as if it was a strange creature, and is now sitting beside it. least he hasn’t peed on it… yet.

LOL (at the cat, not you!!) It looks nice.

That’s the thing about front loaders - you can’t stop to check mid-cycle.

Hope he warms up to it soon and climbs in.

Looks great.

I afraid you can only really get front loaders here now, I remember my grandparents had a toploader but they aren’t available any more. You can stop them mid cycle, but you have to wait 2 mins to open the door, and when you restart them they go right back to the start of the cycle again. Ours is environmentally friendly so it uses hardly any water, but takes an hour and a half to do a load!
My dad put the old jumper the cat used to sleep on into the cat bed. I had already tried this but he just dragged the jumper out again. However my dad plonked him in on top of it and apparently he slept there all afternoon, though he just used it as a pillow after lunch. My dad got a photo for me on his mobile.

Oh, that is SO cute! My cat would have peed or p00ped on it. He hated wool, alpaca and the like. I had to put sweaters way out of reach.

well there’s still time for it to be peed on. He usually steals jumpers to be his girlfriend even though he’s been neutered

It looks really nice and I think it felted up great…though I have to say it looks a bit small for kitty -cute kitty I might add

I’m afraid that soon top loaders won’t be allowed in the states either…that’s why I’m going to keep mine forever and ever in the depths of my dark basement where no environmentalists will go looking for it:shifty:

The kitty is HUGE (and cute)…may I ask what a jumper is ? I’m picturing your cat sleeping on a woman’s dress that he stole…

I blocked it on something roughly 16 inches in diameter as I had measured the cat when he was sleeping and tightly curled he was 15.5 inches. He is on the chubby side as he is 13 and refuses to go outside and get any exercise. He’s been on diet cat food for years, but he had plateaued on the diet front. He bites if you don’t feed him when he decides he wants fed. We’ve divided his daily rations into three portions and he gets them at certain intervals… I could probably cut him down further but I already have scars!

A jumper is what we call sweaters/pullovers. The term sweater isn’t used over here, and it has implications of sweat for me!

my guy is 15 and weighs 14lbs,the vet wants him to lose weight but that’s not gonna happen.His activity consists of moving from chair to chair for a new nap.I hadn’t thought about making him a felted bed…but I bet it would be warm…Sammy has arthritis and I’m always on the lookout for nice warm beds for his sore bones.
I read the post about the jumper in the wash and never even thought about it,I have been gone from Scotland over 40 years but I guess you never forget your first “language”

:roflhard: :roflhard:

I guess they are in denial that they’re actually gone…you think? My cat does that too.

ok, if I stick it on his favourite chair (which is also my favourite chair) he will actually use it, otherwise he uses it as a pillow.

:heart: :heart: He’s gorgeous. Uh I mean handsome. Yeah that’s it. You did a great job on his bed. I like your colors. Some call them cat pies. :teehee:

I have a top loader & use a front at one of my jobs. I see the advantages of both. Hopefully, DH will keep my Kenmore going for a long time.

I used this pattern but with modifications by silkernie on Ravelry except I threw in a few extra rows between decreases as I had so much yarn left over (Anchor wash and Filz-it)

What a neat cat bed! If you provide a cat bed that is in a design or shape that you know your cat enjoys, such as enclosed spaces, or that is heated, they will love their cat beds and spend a lot of time there, even though you may not realize that your cat would even like a cat bed.