Felted bag question

I have made 2 felted bags, different sizes and variations of the booga bag but find them very floppy. Are they usually like that or have I not felted enough? Do you think a lining would help?

It really depends on the pattern, the yarn, the gauge, and how much it felted. The booga bags I’ve done have been sorta floppy, but not overly so (I did them both in Noro Kureyon). Other bags I’ve done (like the one on the cover of this book in Cascade 220) have been quite rigid.

If you don’t like it, though, lining in a fairly stiff fabric can help. Fusible interfacing might also help.

Mine are always rather floppy which is why I don’t actually use the felted bags I make. lol

Some knitted and felted bags are done double stranded and that tends to make them sturdier. Did you single strand or double? If you need them ‘stiffer’ you could use a sort of heavy interfacing on the liner maybe. :think:

Thanks for your replies. One was made with WOTA and the other Patons SWS, single strand. I used the Booga pattern but made them wider. They seem to have felted well, I can’t see stitches. I may try lining as you suggested. I will try to learn how to post a pic.