Felted bag pattern for chunky yarn?

Hi everyone. I am new here and wondering if you might be able to help. I just made my first booga bag and love it. :heart: I decided I want to make felted bags for christmas gifts for some of the ladies in my family. I have some chunky weight yarn that felts nicely, I think it is Manos, I bought it a few years ago and it is just sitting here. I think it would make a nice bag but would chunky yarn work with the booga pattern? Does anyone know of a pattern for a bag that calls for chunky yarn? I have quite a bit of it in 3 different colors. :XX: (yarn obsession)

Also, what is your favorite yarn for felting? I love the noro yarns but it is a little pricey for my budget right now. Thanks so much for any help.

well my opinion on what yarns would work for which bags is…umm…it’s a bag…it doesn’t matter! :wink: basically you don’t have to wear it so it doesn’t really matter if the size is different, or if it knits up bigger than normal or whatever. as i recall the booga requires two strands of yarn doesn’t it? (i haven’t done one :shock: i know…i can’t believe it either…so i can’t recall if it takes one strand or two) if it does take two strands then the chunky probably won’t be far off the double stranded noro.

I love felting with lambs pride because it has a touch of mohair in it which makes it fuzzier. love that! Malabrigo felts up better than anything i have ever felted too!