Felted bag for Christmas present

Well, I did another bag for my dil and have it all finished. If you remember, I used SWS on the first one and followed their directions and ended up with a kids sized one. I know others of you have had the same thing. I think this one turned out a-ok this time, though!

Looks great! So you made it bigger?

No, I followed the pattern, just didn’t felt it for as long. The Paton book I had said to felt for 15 minutes and it made it was way too long and made the purse teeny with the SWS yarn. I used Lion Brand Wool for Felting with this one and only felted 3 minutes at a time then checked it. I did the handles with the garter stitch like I asked about and you answered me a few days ago. They didn’t felt as well as the stockinette ones did, but I actually like them better.

Very nice!

That is cool!!! I love the colors. =)

I love the unique shape!