Felted baby bag?

Hi gals!! So, I’m almost as big as a house now, and I’m tired of knitting baby blankets. I’d like to do a felted baby bag. Is it possible?? And tips as far as size (prefelting)?? I’m really bad at estimating the size of the bag before it goes into the washer. I’d like it to be nice and BIG for all the baby stuff that’ll go in there.

I was thinking of just doing a base. pick up stitches and then knit in the round. (that’s all i know how to do). If anyone has any advice, I"d love to hear it.

Thanks so much!!

There’s a great pattern for a felted diaper bag in Melanie Falick’s “Knitting for Baby.” :smiley:

There is a satchel on Knitty.com that I think would work. Not sure as to the size but it looks to be good sized. Making a felted one is a great idea. The diaper bags out there on the market normally are not made very well. I have one that is supposed to be very nice and it is falling apart now (Only had it for 6 months).

Great Thinking! :thumbsup:

OOH! Fiber Trends’ Sheep Tote!! It has side pockets and there is a small and large size!


Darn you KK I really did not need to add another bag to my want to make list!!!

That would make an awesome baby bag. :thumbsup:

AHHHH that sheep tote is so cute–GUYS–stop posting cute stuff…my list keeps growing and growing and I’m not a very fast knitter!!!