Felt in cold water wash?

Instructions I’m following say to “felt in a cold water wash.” I thought felting had to be done with hot water (wash) and cold water (rinse) in order for the felting process to occur? I tried running a search on this site to see if this has been discussed before, but maybe my search terms are not the best. (Can we use + and - on the search feature here? It hasn’t seemed to work for me.) I remember felting a booga bag once and doing it in cold/cold, and my bag didn’t felt.

As long as you have the right agitation and friction, you can felt in cold water. :thumbsup:

Thanks. I’ll give it a whirl! :wink:

I would felt it in hot water if I were you,especially if you have Noro yarn I just read that it takes a long time to felt this yarn for purses any way.Thats what the lady said that I got my patterns from.I would never felt in cold water.But that is just me :shrug:

I tried it in the cold. It didn’t work, so I went with the hot water. Noro must be pretty stubborn! :wink:

I think the reference to “cold water wash” is for the actual detergent…like Woolite.

To do the felting put item in a lingerie bag or pillow case and use a small amount of detergent, HOT water on low level with a pair of jeans to help cause friction during agitation.