is [I]your[/I] ankle circumference the same as the length of your foot?
and the circumference of your foot too?
or how are they different?

I really need to know.

My toe up pattern says it’s the same . I have long skinny feet, so that doesn’t work with my feet:shrug:

My foot is 9" long…and so is both other measurements.

I hate my big feet.

Nope, not even close but then I do have size 12 flippers, err I mean feet.

all around HTH :mrgreen:

Foot (Standing length)-10
ankle- 9 1/2
width of foot (standing)-9 3/4

Yes, I have big feet. My mom used to call it my “firm foundation.”:roflhard:

So WHY do you need to know?

Er, length 10
ankle (widest bit, right on ankle bone) 9 1/2
and arch of foot, at widest is 9.

Partly just general interest in the variation in people’s feet, and to see if people with certain have about the same differences, partly for a failed secret plot.

This just confirms my suspicion that my ankles are embarassingly skinny:

ankles 7"
foot length 9"
foot circumference 9"

Hey - that’s wild! I never knew that worked like that. Mine are the same all around, but I used yarn rather than a tape measure, because I can ALWAYS find yarn, not so with the tape measure.

Mine were all roughly the same, but I’m at work, so I used the cord for my head phones. (So that’s a “very” roughly. :teehee:)

Results inconclusive.
More, please.


all three of mine are about 9.5

10 10 and 10 again.

that’s neat…I have big feet and ankles… :frowning: lol

ankle circumference = 7 3/4"
foot length = 8 1/2"
foot circumference = 8 1/2" at the midpoint between the heel and ball of my foot