Feels like christmas lol

yesterday i started to properly go through the stoor room ( we ae moving house, yawn) . after geting half waythroughthe massive room i found 2 (yes 2) lrge bin bags FULL of yarn, pattern needles etc. this must have been my grans before she died.

anway, i’m sooo excited as i have sooo much to be getting on with lol


What a wonderful find! I wish my own grandmother had knitted so I could have some of her things!

Good luck with the move!

what a great score! :happydance:

See…there are rewards for cleaning. (Can’t make myself think about a reward for moving. Moving is awful…sorry you’re having to do it)

So glad you found it and that nobody had thrown it out! Gran must have known somebody would get some use out of it!

:smiley: Nice find!!! You must show us what all you found…we love yarn porn :wink:

:cheering: yeah thats wonderful I love those kinda of finds!!! :happydance:

For both my children when they turned a year old we asked all guests to bring something for them to open when they turned 18 or anything related to their first year… well my son’s is kept in a box my father made for him… well when I had my little girl my father brought me my grannie’s cedar chest that he made for her… it was to be her memory box… he asked me to look inside of it and in there was quilt pieces my grandmother had started, fabric for more, and the back… on the outside of the bag it was in her writing stating it was for a baby quilt… all the fabric is memories to me her favorite dress, apron, or skirt… I tried to put it together for my daughter to put in the chest for her to open but I couldn’t the memories were still to real so the quilt is in there just like grannie had it and hopefully when she turns 18 I can then help her put it together and share with her why each piece of fabric means so much to me…


what a wonderful idea, a memory box. might think about that for my son (he’s 3). i have started to collect bottles of wine from the year he was born. unfortunatly i couldn’t afford the full amount i wanted to buy in 1 go, so when i get some spare money i buy a bottle and put it down for his 18th birthday. hopfully he should have agreat party lol.

there is far far to much to list. there are masses of pattern, started projects. my arm is killing me from un picking her half done projects (i don’t see to wasting the wool, neither would she). there is some of the mos beautiful handspun wool (i haven’t tried ‘good quality’ wool yet, only what i found laying about, and from the local supermarket (they have masses and it isn’t bad qlty at all). as soon as i get my new camers (my darling little angel threw mine a couple of weeks ago in a temper. don’t you just love kids hey :rollseyes: ).

there must be about 60 balls of woll. mostly in good amounts, enough to do my little fella masses of new objects.

i was soooo excited i had to post

susi :XX:

So your grandmother was a stasher ! Good for you ! :cheering:
Speaking of stash, my sister in law threw out a full basket(about 2 feet tall) of brand new yarns with the basket last year. That was before I was interested in knitting. I should’d grabbed them and sell them on ebay (well, they are mostly Lion Brands). She shops at the Rag Shop every weekend and starts a million projects; the only thing I saw finished was a vest on my nephew, after all these years.