Feeling bad about my knitting

I started my first sweater a week or 2 ago and I finished up until the shaping of the armhole. Well, :pout: I didn’t get very far and I just couldn’t understand what the directions were telling me to do.

AND it’s a beginner sweater so I thought it’d be an easy one to do. Boy was I wrong. I’m so dejected feeling it’s not funny. (Could be the hormones too :waah: ) I just decided to put it far away, under the couch. As I read through it it seems simple yet complicated.

So then I thought I’d go through my other books and find something else and I found this cute sweater tank (I’m thinking no sleeves!!!) Well as I read through that one its just like the other one. Bind off here, decrease here then increase after the first stitch blah blah blah.

I realize this is more of a feeling sorry for myself, but I just want to be able to do a sweater, just not a complicated one. But a pretty one…

Sigh, I’m going to find some chocolate. Yeah, it’s that time of the month (sorry boys :teehee: )

If anyone has any advice for a not beginner anymore but not advanced either I’d really appreciate it. I know that I can ask any question I need, but typing a new question every time is annoying me and I’m sure those wonderful people helping me.

I’m off to the freezer for some ice cream…[size=1]bye[/size]

just take your time, and read over the instructions carefully, and I mark the pattern as I go. You should also look at a list of abbreations, and see what they mean. If you could post the section you were having trouble with, I could help you…

I’m sorry your first sweater didn’t turn out as you hoped. Don’t frog it yet tho. Save it after a few more projects and tackle it again.

I am still afraid of sweaters that require shaping, so I chose to do the Tubey sweater. (If you want to try a no seaming no shaping easy as pie sweater, DO try the Tubey. It’s a really attractive pattern just knit up in tubes. The link in my sig has the details from my adventures with it.)

Hang in there, maybe people on here can offer some tips to finishing up that challenge!!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I was looking at your other post about the sweater pattern, and though it may be called a beginner pattern, it sounds like quite a complex stitch pattern. You might be best off to try a plain stockinette sweater first while you’re getting used to the concepts of binding off and increasing/decreasing. It’s a lot to keep track of if you have a complicated stitch pattern AND are trying to learn how to interpret knitting patterns.


Exactly. I just read through the pattern myself, and it is complicated for a beginner.

I know exactly how you feel. Everyone talks about how easy socks are and I was fine until I got to the heel. I tried and tried and tried :frog: :frog: :frog: but I just couldn’t get it so I said fine I just won’t have a heel on this pair. So I’m just going to make tube socks this time and wait for Silver’s ML toe-ups tutorial. As far as sweaters go I’m still working on my 1st one and I haven’t even gotten to the arm holes so I might be joining you at the ice cream and I’ve got GS cookies to go with it if I get REALLY desperate :teehee:

Don’t despair!!! I’m sending you :hug: and happy xxx :x: vibes.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

backs away slowly :rofl:

backs away slowly :rofl:[/quote]

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Thanks, I needed that. :teehee:

Happy to be of service… :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks everyone. You sure know how to make a girl feel better. Well, the chocolate ice cream helped quite a bit too. :wink:

As far as the pattern goes, it went smoothly and then when I hit that one decrease row, yowser, that one threw me for a loop. What I mean is that I did the decrease fine, it was the 2nd row and the whole RS/WS nonsense, well I finally did it my way and it worked fine, but the fact that these ‘authors’ assume that the knitter knows what comes next - and on a beginner pattern - is craziness. :zombie: I thought for sure it was a typo or something, but to find that out just sent my mind into a blur.

I’m just tired of doing blankets and scarves. I’ve done a pair of mittens and a few dog sweater and those came out fine, but they also didn’t leave any of the pattern out either. :roll:

Sigh, so much to learn :tap:

To reassure you a bit…not all patterns are written in a way that assumes you know stuff by reading between the lines. There are many very well written patterns. It’s true that knitting patterns have a certain ‘language’ that takes a bit of figuring out, but a well written pattern will tell you everything you need to know.

What is the pattern that you were working on??

Geez, I was just thinking today that I might like to try a sweater some time soon. Now I’m not so sure I’m ready for it yet.

It’s called Lace Notes from the Family Circle Easy Sweaters book. Ironic, hey?? Easy. :roll:

pg 24

No, go ahead. I didn’t think I was ready, but turned out, I was. They are really simple, if you have a good pattern.


Please don’t decide to not try due to my lack of intelligence!! I say if you’re up to it, then go for it. I’m thinking of writing out each row that involves the arm shaping, that way I don’t have to “guess” which row I’m on and worry about messing up. It sounds time consuming, but it is what it is.

Good luck!

writing out the rows might be a good idea–I don’t do it but a girl in my snb does and she says that for her, it makes all the difference in the world. Hang in there–just put it away and come back to it. Glad you enjoyed the ice cream–I think I might go raid our freezer now…

I know how you feel, I am a new knitter as well and I feel bad whenever I mess up or have to frog a lot of work. It’s tough, but fun! Think about what you are learning, it’s great!

Reading this thread makes me not feel bad about the bag of Jelly Bellys I just decimated. Thanks, I love you guys. :oops: :rofl:

I’m lucky in that I have two wonderful knitting groups and two wonderful LYSs nearby to me that I can hit up when I’m hitting a wall with a pattern. Plus this website! :cheering: Seriously, don’t give up. Maybe walk away for a while, but don’t give up.

[size=1]opens another bag of jelly beans[/size]

:hug: I’m so sorry that you’re having trouble with your sweater. To be honest, every time I read through a garment pattern, I get shaky!!! So I think you’re really brave for trying a sweater!!! To me–even the beginner patterns–assume that you know certain things, and that’s very frustrating to me. A pattern might say to go from knitting one part of the garment to another, and I’m sitting there like, “Okay, does that mean I put these live stitches on a stitch holder? Do I start a new ball of yarn, or do I break the yarn I’m working with and use it for this new section???” Maybe once I were to tackle one sweater project and get the general technique down, those very basic questions I have would be answered, but it’s hard without having somebody there sitting next to me to answer my questions as I come to those places. I wanted to make a dickey to put on underneath some shirts during the winter to keep out the cold drafts–nowhere near the complexity of a sweater, mind you!–but to be honest with you, I’m intimidated to try even this little garment, even though I think I have the techniques mentioned in it mastered; it’s a matter of implementing them the right way at the right time in the right sequence. :verysad: This is probably why hats and shawls are my favorite things to knit–very little (and easy!) shaping! :oops:

I agree that you shouldn’t frog it yet. I think you should pick up something that you’ve done many times maybe that you’re confident with and knit away, and when you’re finished with that project, it will help you gain some new confidence.

And ice cream makes EVERYTHING feel better!!! :teehee:

the feelings you feel are the reason I will only knit/crochet patterns that are charted. You can do the same thing with your pattern, just get a book with instructions and symbols and you can chart any pattern.then you can see how it looks as you work. I also use markers between each repeat and before I decrease, I place a marker before and after the number of sts I will eventually bind off. Good luck, ellie :happydance: