Feeling a little overwhelmed

I just started knitting about 3 weeks ago and it is quickly becoming a vice! One of my favorite things to do on my downtime at work is to read through the posts on this forum but after reading all of the tips and info (there is so much!) i am beginning to think that I am never going to know how to do anything besides garter stitch. Are there any suggestions out there on how to move forward? Do classes help or can I teach myself. I’m a continental knitter (that is the way I learned) and I figured out after viewing some of the videos on here, how to switch colors (using the double knit-in join). :XX:

Have you check out Amy’s video for purling? After garter, the next easiest stitch is stockinette stitch… that’s where you knit one row, and then purl the next row. It makes a flat fabric on one side (the knits) and a bumpy fabric on the other side (the purls).

I was so frustrated when i first learned to knit; the book Stitch and Bitch by debbie stoller really helped me get over that hump. You can probablly check it out of your local library.

good luck!

Classes are a great way to push forward… when I first started I used Amy’s videos but I still took a class just to make sure everything was ok…plus that was the only way to move on to the other classes the offered… I also think pushing yourself by picking a project that requires you to move on also helps… My first projects were garter sts projects a dish rag and then a baby afghan… my next project was a purse in the round and another purse knit flat with stockinette st… this helped me to learn other things… You will do great and can’t wait to see some of your finished projects :thumbsup:

I would recommend a knitting class if you can find one, I took one through my local adult ed and it helped me on so many levels. Also take a look at the videos here, they have also helped me out a bunch. I tried teaching myself for a while, but I guess I am easily confused :doh: so having someone show me worked.

So my vote is take a beginning knitting class if you can find one, check your local adult ed, craft stores and maybe the phone book?

I’ve found Amy’s videos here on KH to be the best teaching tools. (Thanks, Amy!) Being able to see the techniques in motion has been more valuable than any book. (I’ve never taken a class so I can’t comment on that. I did initially try to learn from a book, and that just didn’t work for me.) Just grab some yarn and needles, sit in front of your computer, and follow along as Amy demonstrates various techniques (if you get behind, you can always pause or backtrack).

I used a book and Amy’s videos. It helps to find a pattern you like, and then learn how to make the stitches required for that pattern. And Hildie’s right–learn to purl. The world of knitting will really open up for you then!

I’ve never taken a class myself. I’m a continental knitter and I’ve had Amy’s (amazing and wonderful) videos, and my (amazing and wonderful ;)) mother.

While having someone to run to when my project has gone berserk is really nice, I do know a lot of people who just learned from minimal instruction or a book.

Take it one step at a time, if there’s a pattern you like but it looks too hard start the first few rows and take it row by row - don’t look at EVERYTHING you have to do - then you’d just freak, I know I would.

Remember that knitting is essentially made up of only TWO different stitches, knit and purl. And everything else you do is a variation on those two. Learn each stitch as you need it. There’s no reason to try and learn all the stitches at once or memorize all the abbreviations in the patterns before you need them (chances are you’ll forget it and have to relearn it all anyway). Just knit what you like, and learn the knew stitch/technique when you need it.

If things are really horrible, you can always frog (rip out) your project and start over, it doesn’t mean you’re a horrible knitter and you can never learn how. It means you’ve finally inaugurated yourself as a true knitter. Like breaking the champagne bottle on the side of a ship :wink:

Oh yeah - and Welcome to the Knitting Help Forums!! :mrgreen:

You’ve got some great advice (admittedly from some very great people who always are there to help!) :slight_smile:

My only other advice is — enjoy it. If it’s starting to become a vice, put the project down and walk away. Do something else and then come back to it… And well done for getting this far! :thumbsup:

Why not try a scarf or similar beginning project? (If you haven’t already, that is). A K2-P2 rib stitch is a nice pattern, and you already know how to change color, so yours would look great. It gives you a direction and a purpose, and you’ll feel like you accomplished something when it’s done. Then you’ll be wanting to tackle another project . . . No, it never ends!

I felt the same way when I began to knit a year or so ago. But I did eventually take classes at my LYS and learned how to actually knit socks from the toe up. I NEVER would have figured it out on my own. But once I “got it”…I was thrilled and it was easy.

I think a scarf is the next thing to try. Also doing a cable. I thought it sounded so difficult. Then I saw it on the Knitty Gritty show and I could not get over how EASY doing a cable design was. For me the directions sound much harder than they usually are. So I’m better off having someone SHOW me :idea: what to do then I “get it”. Good luck!!

i’m knitting a scarf right now by using the garter stitch…i haven’t tried purling yet, but I don’t think I’ll have a problem with it. I think what overwhlems me is the patterns and the terminology like felting or the whole increasing and decreasing thing…thanks for all of the great advice…you all are wonderful! I can’t wait to finish my scarf so I can post my first finished project for you all! Thanks again!