Feelin' kinda guilty

Confession: I [I]really [/I]do not enjoy knitting socks. gasp As a knitter - I feel guilty. Once I knit my first sweater - I was hooked! And now I cannot even seem to finish a sock let alone a pair!

Does anyone else feel this way?

I don’t overly care for knitting socks either…

Don’t feel guilty!!! Not everyone enjoys knitting the same things. Knitting is supposed to be enjoyable and make you happy. If sweaters are your thing, then make sweaters. :cool:

Why should you feel guilty? I’ve been knitting for the best part of 30 years and don’t want to do socks. (I have a sock book I got as a gift if anyone wants to do a trade, btw…) I have no interest in Fair Isle or intarsia or even stripes, I do my color work by using multicolored yarn. And though I like the look of cables, I find them too tedious to knit; would much rather YO, k2tog in lace than do cables. So enjoy knitting your sweaters and do your own thing.

No need to feel guilty! I have a thing for hats and socks, but I know some people go gaga for sweaters or scarves or shrugs or… whatever! Whatever you enjoy is what you should knit :slight_smile: It doesn’t matter what everyone else likes, it’s about you!

I think the last two years my knitting resolution (one of them) was to learn to make socks. So maybe I’ll try this year? Maybe…

Why feel guilty? - knit what you like :slight_smile:

Don’t feel guilty. It’s ok if socks aren’t your thing.

I do love to knit socks. However, I switch it up with other projects, otherwise I’d get bored. I went into sock overload the last few months for presents, so I’m done for a bit, even though I have 2 pr OTN.:aww:

What I would love to knit is lace, or a sweater, but I’m not sure I have the patience or the smarts.:wink:

Nope, can’t do socks…The thought of Fair Isle frightens me as well as intarsia (although I did “master” stripes)… I don’t have alot of knitting time, so to do several pieces of an item, them seam them tog is not my"thing":wink: …When I knit a “gift” it’s usually a hat…You can do them in the round, on straights, big, small, cheap, expensive, a few colors, lacy… I think you can use any technique with a “hat”…Oh yea, gotta love the sock yarn…I have tons ( I have to:knitting: with 2 strands held tog)!!!

Are you feeling guilty cuz you have a lot of sock yarn in your stash? :teehee:

I have only turned out one pair of plain socks but I can’t stop buying sock yarn (I literally can’t stop, I’m in a sock yarn club). So I’m feeling a little guilty too. I had a total disaster with the Jaywalkers pattern :frog: and I just can’t bring myself to cast on for another pair yet. Eventually I’ll have to since my stash space is limited. :mrgreen:

There’s lots of other things you can do with sock yarn… mitts or gloves, hats, scarves or shawls.

So is sock yarn kinda like that cotton yarn that’s used for crocheting things like potholders and stuff? Comes in a small skein and is 100% cotton? Or is it completely different?

Sock yarn is usually a mix of wool and nylon, sometimes with elastic in it. It’s like fingering or baby weight, heavier than crochet cotton. But people use about anything to make socks.

That could be it!!

I’m sure some of us would be glad to absolve you of your guilt if you send us the unused sock yarn.:slight_smile:

Oh, yeah, I’d be happy to help with the absolution.

u can also use sock yarn to make that blanket on “The Heathen Housewife’s” blog too http://www.shellykang.com/

You are funny! And I appreciate it. Actually there is a gal on Ravelry who’s sister passed away recently leaving her 4 year old little boy and she is going to do a raffle to raise money to throw him a birthday party and whatever funds are leftover she’ll put into a fund for him so I offered her my extra stash that I’m not using.

Please do not worry that it somehow means you are knitterly inferior. This is not a sockier-than-thou community. We are much more inclusive and ecu-cardigan-al than that. So, dear child, you are not in need of absolution from any knitting transgressions. You haven’t committed any.

But, should you choose to knit lace, you would become more holy in our sight.


No guilt required- knitting is a hobby, and should be something that makes you happy. If socks don’t make you happy, do what does make you happy! :slight_smile: I was going to add myself to the list of people offering stash absolution, but I think what you’re doing is wonderful. :slight_smile:

Suzeeq- what sock book do you have?