Feedback on the movie "Enchanted"...?

The trailer looks really funny but is the movie itself any good? Worth watching?

I haven’t seen it yet, but my sister did. She said she’s see it again, and that’s rare for her!

My dd loved it. Are you talking about the one where the cartoon fairy tale princess ends up in real life New York?

It was very cute. Shakespeare, it was not, but it was cute!

I thought it was one of the sweetest movies I have seen in a long time. It was about my favorite movie of last year. I don’t typically get into movies that are deemed to be “kids” movies but I really did love this one.

I saw this last weekend and loved it! It is a sweet romantic story, and wonderfully free of the profanity and bathroom humor that are so prevelant in movies these days. In fact in my opinion the PG rating is really only for a scary-to-young-children scene near the end. My husband and I (no kids) both really enjoyed it and would recommend it to others with or without kids.
Also, it stands on its own quite well, but if you are familiar with the animated Disney tradition you can find numerous (and frequently amusing) allusions to the earlier movies scattered throughout…

I took my daughter to it when it first came out. She was 7 at the time. She loved it, I loved it. It is very predictable, but purposely so as it is paying homage to all the classic Disney Princess movies. It some funny modern twists which make it fun for adults. I went on a Friday evening and lots of high school age girls were at the movies that evening. My daughter and I are looking forward to seeing it on video again…which must be out now. My son hasn’t seen it, he’s 13…for him he’ll think it’s funny but not being all that into princesses waiting for the video version is fine. It will probably make my husband gag as he doesn’t enjoy romantic comedy, which this is as well. But I really enjoyed it!

My brother (24) and I (30) watched on a long plane ride back from our vacation this past weekend. both no kids and we both enjoyed it. not our typical movie but nonetheless it was funny and enjoyable.

We loved it. The song through the park is the BEST. Michelle

Our whole family went to see it: DH, me, 10-year-old DD, and 16-year-old DS. We all loved it! It starts off as a cartoon, and immediately my husband wondered what he had gotten himself into! He ended up enjoying the movie. I’m not saying he thought it was the best movie he ever saw, but he did enjoy it! The rest of us loved it!

Did anyone else notice that Patrick Dempsey’s secretary was the woman who did the voice of Ariel in The Little Mermaid? Apparently there were 2 more Disney princesses in Enchanted, but I can’t figure out who they were!
ETA: I had to search and find it! It was the singing voice of Belle and the singing voice of Pocahontas.

I loved it - poor future husband didn’t :wink: He’s never liked Disney films, so her absolutely perfect portrayal of a Disney princess just annoyed him instead of astounding him - she got all the floaty hand movements and everything perfectly grin

My friend and I, though, who love fairytales (both dark and fluffy) loved it - and omg, Patrick Dempsey… :passedout:, but that’s just me :wink:

I’m right there with you on that one! :passedout:

Now, if we can just get him here… :wink:

Cute fact - He took his little girl with him to the press junket, and all the way there she was asking if she’d get to meet the talking chipmunk :wink:

I loooved this movie! So funny!!! My BF says that they looked like they were on drugs!:mrgreen: Me, i just love it! Like to see a nice movie were they live happy ever after.

I really liked that movie. It was cute and kinda funny.

This thread inspired me to obtain the movie and watch it last night. I love Amy Adams. I thought the movie was adorable and a spot-on spoof, good times!