Feather and fan is increasing drastically!

I have been trying to knit a wrap in Feather and Fan stitch. I am doing the classic 18 +2 multiple with directions: Row 1: knit. Row 2: K2, P to last 2 st, K 2. Row 3: K 2 tog 3 times, YO K1 6 times, repeat. Row 4: Knit.

The problem is that I started with 74 stitches and now have 176 and I am only on the 8th row. All of the online help sites I have been to say that I must not be counting my yarn overs correctly, but I know that I am. What is going on here!

Thank you. If someone could privately email me my email is jnursester@gmail.com

Welcome! Just check the forum to get your answers. We have a major problem with spammers so I don’t advise putting your email in public either.

Please tell us what pattern you are making and provide a link if at all possible. It’s hard to tell what’s going on without seeing the pattern. If you can’t link don’t post the whole pattern, but you can post a few rows.

It’s always helpful to see the pattern, even a photo if not the actual instructions.

Check that you’re doing row 3 correctly because there’s a mistake in the row you quoted in your post:
Row 3: K 2 tog 3 times, YO K1 6 times, repeat
There aren’t enough decreases here.

The row should be:
Row 3: (K 2 tog 3 times, YO K1 6 times, [I]k2tog 3 times[/I]) repeat