Favourite super-quick scarf patterns?

I’d love to see your favourite quick scarf patterns. I’m almost done knitting the last of my planned Christmas knitting, and would like to knit up some quick scarves to add to some store bought gifts. Looking for patterns that can churn out a scarf in short order. Bonus points if it looks like it took a ton of work to execute LOL



This is one of my favorites. I don’t know that it looks complicated, but it’s fairly mindless and quick if you need to get it done before Christmas.

I haven’t made these, but they are on my list.


I’ll second Jan’s recommendation on the one-row-handspun-scarf. I made two of them and really like the patten. :thumbsup: And I think it gets the bonus points, too!

feather & fan scarf is a pretty easy knit and being a little lacy looks impressive.


I’m planning on making some “Pidge Podge” scarves, using bulky yarn for some of my family for Christmas. Very quick, and stylish also.

Well this is a crochet pattern but I was fairly pleased with my latest scarf from the book, Hooked Scarves.

I tried the Clever Blocks pattern and used three colors of the Plymouth Baby Alpaca worsted. I think there is a similar knitting pattern (2 color slipstich knitting?) The great thing about making my own scarves is making them as long as I like. This one is almost 5 feet!

In hindsight, I probably wouldn’t use the Baby Alpaca again for this type of stitch pattern and for a scarf this long. The yarn fuzzes a bit and you lose the crispness of the original stitch pattern. I also think the alpaca will stretch the long scarf out out but its very soft and very warm.

I finished this in a weekend when I was sick.

I love the k2, p1 pattern I got here. I think it’s called “scrunchable.” I’m working on my 2nd scarf with this pattern. I’m having connection problems right now or I’d upload a photo, but I’m sure someone else here has it. If not, I’ll add a photo tomorrow if I can.

I just made a scarf like the one Shandeh linked - I used the Nicholas (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/nicholas) pattern. I LOVE it and have gotten quite a few compliments on it :o) I think it only took about 3 hours and the ribbing pattern is amazingly simple to memorize.

I’ve done a few of the Scrunchable Scarf as well and like that pattern. I’m working on a One Row Scarf right now too. I also love the Misti Alpaca’s Ribs & Ruffles pattern and made a bunch of them last year out of all kinds of different yarns. Even though the pattern calls for bulky yarn, I used double strands of worsted weight too and it worked up beautifully.