Favorite wool wash?

I tried searching for a thread on this, but didn’t find any. What is everyone’s favorite wool wash? I’ve used Soak a few times, but never tried any else. After finding out my mom has been using Woolite to wash her handknit stuff I’ve made her I’ve wanted to get her a suitable wash.

I seem to prefer Eucalan. Never tried Soak, but I heard it smells wonderful.

Is there something wrong with using Woolite to wash your wool?

I’ve heard that Woolite changed and that some of the enzymes used in it aren’t suitable for wool. I can’t remember where I’ve read that, but I know I’ve seen it several places…

what about a baby laundry soap like Dreft?? :?? or is that a bad idea? I have yet to wash any of my wool projects yet… they are still in the “finished/out” bin but they haven’t left the house yet~!! :roflhard:


I love wool wash from Northern Essence (www.northernessence.com under Diaper care, but you can use it on any wool item) she makes practically any scent you could want- my kids love “Monkey Farts” not just for the name, but bcs it smells like bananas and other tropical fruit (stuff that monkeys would eat!) I use it on my wool soakers, longies and shorties that I make for cloth diaper covers. She also has wool wash bars that get practically any stain off wool (trust me!) and they can be made from different scents too. She also has spray on and solid lanolin if you need that too.

I found an article here about how to wash sweaters.

It also says why woolite is bad. evidently it’s too harsh.

Great article, thanks for posting!


I found that artical when I first started knitting and have washed all my stuff in Dawn. I haven’t wrecked anything yet.

I am sure that you can use any sort of detergent, baby shampoo or soap. The reason some people like wool wash specifically is bcs it helps to re-lanolize the garment a bit. :wink:

I’ve also seen that about Woolite (whatever that is). Human shampoo is fine because it is slightly acidic, great for wool. Baby shampoo is near neutral for wussy baby eyes, not so good. Soap is alkaline, terrible for wool but good for cotton. I use any basic adult shampoo lying around, not the very cheapest $1 stuff (might be nasty) but plain supermarket brands are fine.
You know how soap helps felting? That’s because the alkalinity makes the scales stand up on wool (= rough). Acidity makes them lie down smooth.


I either like Eucalan (mostly) or Palmolive (rarely)