Favorite tricks and techniques

Share your favorite way of doing something, a cool technique not yet covered on this site, etc…

(No doubt some of these tips will find their way into my videos!)


heres my “trick”

  1. go to lys
  2. try to knit
  3. have a problem
  4. post here to get it fixed.
    *go back to #2 repeat from *
    Tricky huh??

bump :thumbsup:

Thought that was cute… :wink:

When I ladder down to correct a mistake, I use rare earth magnets to hold the work…details & photo here. Unfortunately I got a lot of practice doing it on my last project! :rollseyes: :rollseyes: :rollseyes:

BRRRRILLIANT!!! :notworthy:

:cheering: ohh I applaud any of ya that do the ladder fix or any fix LOL I just frog it to skeered to try fixing my mistakes or I leave it to work on my OCD as dh says… :rollseyes:

Julie :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: I see that in a video!! Thanks…I’m buying some magnets :smiley:

I have a habit of cutting my ends too short to weave in easily, and I also misplace my tapestry needles often, so I keep a tiny crochet hook in my needle jar. I use it to pull the ends thru the back of the stitches, goes a lot faster than w/a needle, too…

I also use my crochet hooks to pick up stitches - I like that it grabs the yarn w/o making the space between the stitches into a hole (which always seems to happen when I pick up w/needles), and since the hook is so small, I can usually just knit the stitches off of it right onto the needle.

I use wooden needles that I make myself, so I keep an emery board in my jar, too, in case of snagging.

Don’t have enough money for a swift? Get one ofthesecollapsing hat/mug racks - doesn’t take up much space, and easier than rearranging all the kitchen chairs

luv, luv the hat rack idea!!!
I’m sure it’s been said, but I don’t know…I rub my bamboo/wood needles with wax paper now & again…well, actually…after I do my hot wax spa…I rub my wooden/bamboo needles with the residue on my hands :wink: works like a charm

Being a “Newbie Knitter”, the edges of my rows were usually very loose and sloppy… To solve this problem, I work the first stitch, insert the needle into the second stitch & Pull on the yarn before I take it off my left needle. Works everytine & now my projects look great.

Also, I just found out that when I slip a stitch, I was supposed to “Slip it as if to purl”. I did it the opposite way (so did all of my friends). We all had twisted stitches. OOPS!

The best technique I ever learned was three-needle bind-off for shoulders.
I also love mattress stitch for weaving together pieces. I always had issues with not liking the way my things looked after I put them together. These two things made all the difference.

This is something that I also posted when Silver (I think) was asking for some tips…I don’t have blocking wires; when I’ve blocked some projects, rather than having the obvious ins and outs where pins were placed I thread dental floss, monofilament(fishing line), or smaller, strudier yarn if it’s available. I shape it by tying off the ends on the ends of the day bed; to shape a curve, i will thread the monofilament (or whichever I use) thru the end (c/o or b/o) of the garment and tie the monofilament to the bed at different places, making a curve.
I really need to buy some blocking wires…lol!
Of course, all patterns & tutorials are placed in page protectors & put in designated 3 ring binders (ie.:socks, tutorial, patterns) I am currently working on organizing my needles, yarn, accessorizes, projects, etc that will also be typed & placed in binders.
I’m pretty sure that all of this has been done.
Another thing…rubberbands or twist ties put on the end of needles so yarn won’t fall off when not in use (lost needle protectors…need to buy those, too!)
I have a small tape measure on my keyring in case I need to measure anything @ LYS…or anywhere else…someone’s feet when I’m going to make socks, etc…any measurements for knitting
That’s it for me
I was wrong…just thought of another…ALWAYS have a notebook with you so that you can write down EVERYTHING…possible designs, measurements, yarn you saw in LYS; and write down EVERYTHING while you knit…chances are you may want to duplicate something & if you are at all like me…u change everything in a pattern, if u use a pattern
okay…I really think that’s it

I posted this one on my knitting tips thread, but it’s one of my favorites so I’ll post it again! :slight_smile:

If you’re knitting in the round and the pattern instructs you to place stitch markers at the beginning and the center (other side), use a RED marker for the start of the round, and a GREEN one for the center. When knitting along, you’ll never forget which is which. Green means GO on knitting the round, Red means STOP (end of round).

What great ideas! I kept going aaaAAAAaaa and ooOOOOooo to this thread. My son in the next room is prolly wondering what’s wrong wit mama???

So here’s my thing. When knitting in the round to join stiches, I like to take the last CO stich from right hand needle and put on the left hand needle then lift the first CO stich from left hand needle over the stich just put on the left hand needle back over to the right hand needle. Basically just swapping stiches. Does that makes sense? Anyway, makes the join nice and snug. :thumbsup:

Oooh, that’s a good tip! My joins are always loose for a couple of rows, that would fix it right up I bet!!

Another tip I couldn’t live without (specially since I’m still working on the checkerboard from H-E- double hockeysticks :evil: grrr…):
When working w/two or more colors (or even just with one, sometimes) I use those diaper wipe boxes to hold the yarn. It fits neatly in my lap or on the floor next to me, the yarn balls don’t roll all over the place, and if you get the pop-up kind there’s a ready made slit in the lid that you can thread the yarn through. (mine I made by using my wood burner to poke a hole in the top…I DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING THIS! It stinks and it took me forever to get the plastic off my burner tip.)

If you don’t have kids, buy a box of wipes, anyway - just pop the wipes into a ziploc bag (where they stay fresher than they do in the box, anyway) and stick the box in your knitting basket. You can use the wipes for quick cleanups in the car (either for you or the car), they work good for wiping the dog in between baths, cleaning muddy feet (or shoes) - also for removing makeup, grease from your hands, etc, etc,…just get the kind w/o alchohol, the ones with alcohol dry your skin.

If I think of anymore, I’ll let y’all know!

We just got the DIY channel, and I saw Knitty Gritty for the first time today. The best thing I saw was how to pick up stitches using a funny-scary crochet hook with a hook on each end. You then just knit the stitches off the crochet hook without transferring them to a knitting needle first.

ooh! I hope that recorded! That may be the only episode Ive NEVER seen!

:roflhard: This is soooo something I would try but thanks for the tip with a 16mos old I’m always wondering what do I do with these empty wipe cases?? Some store cars for my son or crayons now they can store YARN :smiley:

:cheering: And they stack so nice, too - you can have a nice neat stash in the corner!
Also, I have started taking pictures of my WIP as soon as they’re finished!! I tend to make stuff for other people, and then give it away immediately, forgetting to take a picture in the meantime. I have a separate folder on my computer that all my FO pics go into now - gotta love digital cameras.
And this is pretty obvious, but I haven’t seen it noted yet - If you’re working from a pattern, keep an extra sheet of paper in with it so that you can note any problems you had, or changes you’ve made to it… and make sure when you store your pattern, this paper goes with it!! I rarely use patterns, so I keep a plain old notebook next to my usual knitting spot, to jot down notes whenever I have a brainstorm.
I like this thread :smiley: