Favorite Sock Yarns?

Hey- will you sock knitters tell me your favorite sock yarn, and why it is…and the best yarnfor the best price, etc. I’d like to knit socks for Christmas presents, but I want them to be nice as possible with the price being affordable, you know? :rollseyes:

Well, I haven’t actually used any of these myself but I know that the sock yarn collections at www.knitpicks.com are among the best AND most economical that you will find. I’m sure Rebecca might have something to say about them, she has worked with a few and I know that others on here have as well. And you live in the US so with a order of $30 or more, you get free shipping.

Yep–I’ve got KnitPicks in mind, for sure–but I was just thinking I’d see what people said…
Thanx! :smiley:

Ellen, I just got some knitpicks Palette, REALLY nice yarn for socks!! VERY inexpensive, great colors, all the important stuff. Now just to get started on socks myself…

OK, I will have to say, well, let me thing :thinking: …gimmee a minute :?? …gosh, the best that I can come up with is KNITPICKS!!! I just got this palette…but it is 100% wool, hand wash & I’ve got all of their sock yarn except the 2 new ones, Essential and the newest stripe, but I’m sure they rock as well. All of their sock yarn is great & reasonably priced :wink: JMHO :smiley:
Have a look at my new palette yummies…these are for some beautiful lace socks that I am doing, as well as some nice textural socks for Lonnie and these very :sunglasses: cool black socks with different colored bobbles in them and another black pair with a stained glass effect…from the books “Socks, Socks, Socks” and “Knit Socks”…both of which my lover :inlove: man gave me :eyebrow: !!

WOW, Rebecca! :shock: :shock: :wink: I don’t think you had to think twice about that sock yarn thing! :roflhard:

I wonder if there are superwash yarns that are very soft and comfy? I have some of the Palette in “ash” from KnitPicks. If Ican ever finish kintting on the Booga Bag, I can’t wait to start some socks with it.

Boy, 'becca, I really really really :heart: :heart: :heart: love my hubby! We’ve been married 39 years and he never fusses about money I spend on anything…but he …(sobs) never really shops for knitting stuff for me.

Wonder how I can drop some hints… :?? :??

Although I love natural fibers for practically everything, socks will last longer if they are a blend of say, wool and nylon. After all that hard work, it would be a shame to have them wear through quickly.


I haven’t tried the knitpicks yet, but Opal really has some beautiful colorways and also some new luxury blends that would be really nice for gift socks. I’ve also used Regia stretch which is nice.

KP has wonder washable sock yarn…I have most all of it, too :wink: A friend gave me a KP gift cert and I spent it all on sock yarn before the palette and it is all yummy!! :wink:

Rebecca–you know you should get a cut from KntPicks , don’t you?? Hey–you give them amazing props–they should know about their biggest fan!!

I’d love to try the Opal yarn, but it’s a little steep right now. Maybe one day! Anyhow, thanks to ya’ll for giving me your choices!

keep checking www.simplysockyarn.com Allison is always having good sales! Also, keep an eye on Elann.com for sales…have them all of the time…great prices…LOL, KP knows I’m their biggest fans…shoot…I’m friends with lots of the people there…lol!!
FYI, when I use the palette for sock yarn I will reinforce heel & toes at least, I don’t recommend it as your everyday sock yarn; but…like I told ya…KP has LOTS of good regular sock yarn…LOTS!!! :smiley: …I can’t pass up the colors and I’m a sucker for anything fingering wt…lol! I wish I could run across some nice bamboo or soy silk yarn that is fingering wt…but from a co. that I know (SWTC!!) and try that for socks, I’m sure it’s out there, I’ve just not seen it yet!

I am a huge fan of Lorna’s Laces sock yarn and I love Koigu, it’s quality and color is superb.