Favorite Sock Yarn

What is everyone’s favorite sock yarn? I was just curious.

Well, I’ve only done 5 pairs of socks so far. I’m currently working on ladybug socks in Opal Rainforest (ladybug colorway). I love the way it feels and how it’s knitting up. I rather liked using KP Dancing, too.

But so far the opal is my fave. I have a skein of opal petticoat which is calling out to be knitted.

I really like KP Dancing and Simple Stripes.

I :heart: opal. Another yarn I like is called Online I think. I bought Briggs Little Durasport online and I found it quit scratchy.

Hi all! I quite like the Moda Dea Sassy Stripes. It’s a thicker sock yarn which makes the socks quicker and thicker, and the colours are terrific. No wool in it, which is good for me too. samm who wore her sandal socklets today with her silver thongs… :smiley:

Opal sock yarn!!! The only problem with it is that it’s a tiny bit on the expensive side, but it comes in 100 g balls so that makes a whole pair with some left over…

I love it because it knits up to look like fair isle without all the extra work! :roflhard:

I love kemps merino sock yarn. So far it is my fav.
Here’s what Iam using.


It’s a liitle pricey but worth every penny.
If you are on a budget as Iam, I also love patons kroy in self striping and I use alot of bernats hot sox for kids socks.

I like Trekking and just about any Lana Grossa. :heart:

I :heart: KP memories and Regia sock yarns.

I can’t wait until I can try out KP’s new sock yarns.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lorna’s Laces Shepherd in DK wt… you cant beat their colorways! and, Im just about to try Cherry Tree Hill Supersock for the first time…

I have to put in a vote for Opal too, I just love their patterning. I also like hand dyed sock yarn…it’s really fun to knit and be surprised as you go.

May as well ask which is my favorite child…I am going to have to say probably Lorna’s Laces and Opal…this week :wink:

LOL … I agree, Rebecca. Picking a favorite is very tough. I’ve only used 4 different kinds so far and I actually liked them all. I have a whole drawer full of different kinds to try. It’s fun when it’s time to start a new pair and I get to choose which yarn to try.

I agree. I don’t have a fave either… but I love Art Yarns Ultramerino, Lorna’s Laces, and I think I may be getting my hands on some Sweet Georgia Yarn soon. She has such pretty colorways too. I think anything hand painted is my fave. Oh, I also like Fleece Artist sock yarn.

Kellyk, I just finished a pair of socks using Cherry Tree Hill yarn. It was beautiful. was. I forgot that it was a hand wash yarn, and washed it will my other hand knit socks in the washer in cold water. :crying: Big mistake. The yarn faded so much, and I had only worn them one time! I will buy this yarn again, but next time, I will remember to hand wash those socks!!

I love Lorna’s Laces Shepherd’s sock yarn. It’s great to knit with. Trekking knits up really nice.


The supersock is HANDWASH?? How did I not notice that? GAH! :doh: