Favorite soap

Not to take a bath with, but daytime soaps? Ok, so I am terribly bored right now. I’m resting from knitting. Leaving soon to get my hair cut and colored. So I was thinking if you watch the soaps, do you have a favorite? I haven’t watch my favorite General Hospital in 6 years and now that I am without a job I started back watching. You know nothing has changed. The same people are still causing trouble and Elizabeth and Jason are still trying to get together. If you like GH, someone please tell me what happed to the character of Emily Quartermane.:slight_smile:

I have been a fan of CBS Soaps ever since my mom started me on there!

I grew up on those too, but the CBS station we got on regular TV (before satellite) changed to ABC so I started watching them. And my college buddies watch the ABC soaps and they filled me in on all the characters.

Back when I was in high school, my mother’s cousin started having panic attacks. She’d call my mother during the attacks and my mother, trying to calm her down, would ask about Days of Our Lives, the soap her cousin has watched ever since the show started.

My mother felt somewhat out of her element being unable to respond to the conversation about the soap because she didn’t watch it. So she started to. Over the summer, I wandered out during an episode and, well, was hooked. I don’t watch it on a regular basis because of my schedule (and because of the penchant soap operas have to drag story lines on for months and months and months) but I still keep updated through my mother, lol.

Used to watch the soaps as a teen, but noticed 1) nothing EVER changes, and 2) my brain was rotting!

I hate to admit my daytime television adiction, because it reveals WAY to much about my dorky personality. (okay, I will) I watch Star Trek Voyager and Deep Space 9. You still get lots of romance and intrigue, but your brain is engaged.

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Well, dang. I was going to wax poetic about my favorite soap–a milk bar that Rite Aid used to carry, but I see that’s not what we’re talking about. Shoot.


I started listening to Young and the Restless on the radio during my lunch hours this past summer and now, since my mother-in-law watches it too, I’m hooked. If I can’t get to listen to it, I can always catch it in the evening on the Soapnet channel and they run the entire week’s worth of episodes all Saturday evening. Although I wouldn’t watch it like that. I agree that my brain is probably rotting, but I can’t help myself. But, I think I watch enough Discovery and History channel shows to make up the difference.:wink:

LOL! Agreed! I have to watch Discovery & History channel too, because I’m sure Star Trek is its own form of brainrot. Just think of all those trekker conventions!


my DH started with Y&R, turning to that channel a few minutes before the noon news, and got hooked, started recording everyday, then i got into it too!!aaaargh!! my favorite tv show is still Jeopardy,gives a chance to engage the brain. linknit41

She died. I think she was strangled at a fancy dress ball at the Cassadine mansion. She was going to marry Nicholas Cassadine and he was having black outs. At first everyone thought he had killed her because he had one of his black outs and woke up to find her dead. I don’t remember but I’m pretty sure he didn’t do it.

Ok, I’m a GH fan. I don’t watch often but I keep up with the recaps. Been watching on and off since high school and I won’t tell you when that was :eyes:

I am a Bold and the Beautiful fan…only half an hour…so it is harder to get lost when you skip a day or two…

I caught the B&B episode where Donna was strapped to the chair by Pam(?), covered with honey and Pam let a bear into the cabin so it would eat her! Hysterical!!! The funniest thing I’ve seen in years!

Thanks for the info. I’ve not checked, but does the GH website have a recap section for the 6 or 7 years I’ve missed. I have the time to read them. Now, did Georgie die too?

I’m an At the World Turns girl. My mom has watched Y&R since it started and about 20 years ago started on ATWT and B&B. I watched when I was around her watching but left and came back a few times over the years. I’ve kept up with ATWT since my 6-year-old was born. I used to watch Y&R and B&B too, but I only watch if the kids are sleeping and there’s nothing else on now. My mom still watches Y&R and ATWT.


There used to be a place where you could catch up on the GH site at abc.go.com but I haven’t seen it for awhile. And yes, Georgie died too.

Soaps.com has spoilers and daily synopses of all the soaps.
I watche DOOL during the 80s, then started up again about 3 yrs ago (something to do while I knitted). I peeked at B&B because one of the Days actors was on it, but watched a little more with my sweetie’s mom when we visited them last spring. Now I watch it sometimes to see what’s going on before Days and/or I have to leave for work.