Favorite place to buy books?

Someone asked if Amy linked to a bookseller and it made me think that maybe KH could do that. But let’s not link to mega corporate yucko giants like Amazon. I mean we have lots of places to get books from. Women owned, small, independant bookseller abound! So let’s make a list of your favorite booksellers and let’s see if we can get one linked to KH!! :cheering:

Oh yeah, here’s two of my favs. InOther Words is a woman’s collectively owned store here in Portland that has an online store. They sell the Stich and Bitch books and some others and can special order anything else. THe other link is Powells which is a huge (takes up a whole city block) store that also has a really good on line business. They can order anything on the planet.



I’m a conscientious shopper and will not knowingly buy from an abusive corporation. I don’t mind paying higher prices at my local bicycle shop because they go all out in customer service. I pay extra for organic food not just because of the health benefits but because it supports small farmers. You can’t drag me into Walmart or Sams.

So I’ll certainly be willing to avoid shopping at Amazon if you have some evidence that they’re a bad business. What have they done?

I have no problem shopping small businesses, either. (Heck, I own one!) Powells is great. I do shop Amazon all the time, though, and have always gotten great service from them.

Last year a friend forwarded me some videos she mistakenly ran across while looking for gymnastics videos. They were clearly child porn, being marketed as gymnastics videos, and they were being sold on Amazon. In its defense, Amazon can certainly not screen the hundreds of millions of items it has for sale. After doing research on the company that made these videos, I forwarded the whole thing to Amazon, got other people to do the same, and Amazon took swift action and removed all the videos from this company. It made me feel like they had a conscience.

But if someone has info to the contrary, I am willing to hear it!

I buy books all the time. I love Amazon and I have been a member of the Crafter’s Choice book club MANY times. I have gotten a lot of books from them. :happydance:

I buy a lot from Amazon, usually used.

I usually shop at buy.com (they’re generally cheaper then amazon) or local used book stores 'cause the people are nice. :slight_smile:

I know I have a link someone where about Amazon doing all kinds of union busting and smallbusinesses having to close cuz they can’t compete. I’ll find the link…

I don’t have a problem with supporting small business and on occasion I buy a book from them if I’m in one, but I really have to watch the bottom line so if I can get something on sale or cheaper…well you know. :rollseyes:

That was me until I moved to Colorado Springs and Walmart Supercenter became the nearest “grocery” store. ICK!!! I feel good because today I drove to Safeway. :thumbsup:

i buy from borders bookstore (retail, not online)

You can’t beat the coupons they e-mail you for between 15% - 30% off books… plus borders rewards is awesome and you earn $ for xmas spending

I live in Athens, GA and SIGH, most of the mom n’ pop cool used booksellers are gone :frowning: My favorite one was called ‘blue moon books’ it was a mix of old and new and of course the shop had a cat :slight_smile:

Like twoleftneedles, I do not like Wal-Mart, and only have been in there once in the past few years

I have purchased from powell’s before but I usually check half.com first and try to buy from individuals. I’m enjoying all of these other ideas though!