Favorite Newborn Hat & Booties pattern?

Hi all, just found out I’m having a grand daughter in June! FIRST grand baby!!! I’ve looked around at the usual sights - knittingpatterncentral and knittingonthenet for hats and booties patterns and haven’t found much to strike my fancy. So, what are your favorite newborn baby girl patterns? Is there a certain book you go to over and over, or a site? Thanks!

Congratulations! Here’s some I think are cute or could be cute in the right yarn. Some of these might be a little large now, but you can save them if you like them.

http://www.helloyarn.com/topdownbonnet.htm (in pretty yarn w/o ears)

http://carole.barenys.com/YokeSweater.html (I made this and it was easy and cute)




Baby Yoda Sweater (or, Not So Baby Yoda, if you want a larger size).

Mossy Jacket. I’m knitting this one right now in a cashmere blend and it’s just darling. I’m adding a knitted flower to girly it up.

Saartjes bootees. Probably the cutest baby booties I’ve ever seen, and even I can knit a pair in just a couple of hours.

Thanks so much Jan and Angie! I’ve saved several of these! Will let you know how they turn out! :smiley:

Congratulations! I received my granddaughter just in time for Christmas - 22nd December. Knitting for baby girls is great fun.

My favourite source of patterns is Sirdar leaflets, they have some lovely modern styles. I’ve bought dozens from UK eBay.

Also, here are a few links to other patterns -

Ribbed Baby Jacket

Easy Baby Cardigan
I prefer the collared version to the hooded one in this pattern. The collared jacket knits up beautifully.

Zodiac sleep sack

Martin Storey’s hoodie

Baby set


Provence baby cardigan

Sailor collar pullover

If you haven’t already joined Ravelry its well worth doing. There are many many gorgeous baby patterns on there, and lots of photos of finished projects that will give you ideas and inspiration.

Thanks so much miss_molly!! I love some of these!