Favorite needles?

I was talking to a friend who has an interesting story about how she came to own her favorite pair of needles and it got me thinking…what needles would I grab first if there was a fire? Which ones would be irreplaceable?

I would pick the silly blue size 11 plastic needles that I ran across in a $1 bin at Joanns. They were an impulse buy, and the best one by far!

What about ya’ll?

My Boye interchangeables…

lurve them.

well i wuldn’t say they are irreplaceable but i LOVE my addis! i have played with the denises a little bit and i have a feeling i am going to feel about the same about them when i get them!

First, Id grab my dogs…THEN both sets of my Denises!

Yeah, I think I forgot about my son…grab him then the needles…my mom is this way about her massive (and I mean MASSIVE) collection of crochet hooks.

I have a little Sterilite bin with aaaaall of my needles in it. If I had to choose, of course I’d save the Addis first…but I’d prefer to grab the whole bin. :smiley:

All of my straights are in my Jordana Paige Needle case that I won during KH’s 1st anniversary last month, so I could easily grab that. And all that is in the same room as my two bins of yarn and my Denises, so really, I’d try to grab those too. :smiley:

But my kitty cat would be first tho - altho she could easily fit into one of those bins, so I wouldn’t lose her… :thinking:

After I got my kids out, I would grab my yarn bins. If I could run back in after that, I would grab my denise needles.

:roflhard: yeah I’d grab my kids, cat, dog, and then my yarn bin well Isaiah is 5 he could carry my needle case while we ran out the first time… :thinking:

In my right hand: My sentimental favorite would be the big plastic size 10 needles I got as part of a Spinnerin Learn to Knit kit I got as a kid.

My Denise needles would be in my left!

(Hubby, son, cats, baby pictures balanced on my head…)

Oooh, I didn’t think of having the kids cary stuff out!

pooooooooooooooor JD! :wink:

you know, I’d have to just stomp out the fire!! I have too much stash (both needlework and some knitting stash now) and there’s no way I could pick!
So you could call me Smokey the Bear and I’d be using my big feet to stomp it out. LOL.

what needles would I grab first if there was a fire?
I just wanted to point out that this was the question…lest y’all think I’m awful for not mentioning going for my kids first… :wink:

I only have on pair that are irreplaceable. They are this huge honkin size a billion (I really have no idea higher than teens) wooden needles that my mom got when we lived in Spain. I can remember her making an afghan for my brother on them. I can replace everything else, but those needles and they don’t fit in my needle case, so I couldn’t just grab the case and run. The hardest thing for me would be all my WIP’s because they are all in different bags scattered around the house. I can replace yarn, needles, stitch markers, etc. But not the time I have already spent knitting. That is truly irreplaceable!

I think I’d be more likely to go save some of my yarn than worry about my needles. I love my denises, but it’s not like they’re discontinued or anything…easier to replace :wink:

I would leave it all in there and have a great time buying all new yarn and needles with the insurance money. :wink:

It used to be that I would grab my Inox & Susan Bates Quicksilver (I do still love & use them)…BUT…that was before I found a reasonable source for addi’s and have been collecting them…SO. I would grab my addi’s…well, and my Denise’s bc u can use them for so much…and I really need the Quicksilvers bc I have all sizes and I must have all of my dpns for socks and my single point Boyes are sentimental bc I learned to knit with them. Then there are all of the other circs that I will need for sweater knitting… :thinking: I WOULD GRAB MY HUSBAND & ANIMALS, we would all be dead if I had to decide which needles :shock:

I’m with Yarnmommy. I’d tell the insurance company about how I had Addis of every size and length, about the beautiful rosewood straights, and about the luxury yarn stash that burned up tragically. :frowning: If they find a blob of melted acrylic, I’d just say it was one of the kids’ toys. :wink:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :thumbsup: