Favorite method for socks?

I’m thinking of trying the Magic Loop for my next pair of socks. I’ve used dpns and two circulars, and was curious what method was the most popular and/or user friendly :thinking:

hey ella, I thought this would be an interesting topic for a poll, so I’m going to add one, you dig? I just edited your post :slight_smile:

I voted! Although I had to giggle at the “old school” part… I’ve only been doing socks since August! I haven’t tried anything other than dpns, but when I was at my LYS today and looking for a “treat” for me, I discussed the 2 circs method with the owner…

I would like to try toe-up socks though. Can they be done on dpns?

Why couldn’t toe-up socks be done on DPNs? That’s how I’m planning on doing mine once I get to the LYS to buy some sock yarn…

I actually enjoy double pointed needles.

I’d like to try some toe-up socks when my knitpicks order comes in (!!!).

I would like to find a sock pattern book that has patterns for BASIC socks with different heels & toes. All of the books Ive seen have fair isle and all kinds of colorwork and st patterns and so on…

I tried making socks on two circs some time ago and they ended up orphaned. I never thought Id hear myself say that I prefer DPNs!!

I love love love 2 circs, for all small diameter circular knitting! :smiley:

I’m not opposed to other methods of doing socks, but the only way I’ve done them is with dpns. I use the ML method for finishing up my hats, and once you get the hang of it, it’s not bad. I can see why people like it.

Hildegard, the poll idea is most excellent, especially the Single Sock Syndrome option (which I’m ashamed to admit is me sometimes :rollseyes:)

I use both dpn’s and two circulars. I can’t really say I prefer one over the other. Magic loop confused me when it came to the gusset. Somehow I ended up inside out and backwards. :thinking:

I agree with Kelly. I would love a book with patterns for different style heels and toes. So far I have only done the heel flap. I want to try the short row heel but most books don’t include these other heels.

I’ve done socks (about 5 pr) on dpns and :heart: :heart: it.

I just bought 2 size 2 circs and Socks Soar on Two Circs to give the two circ method a try, although I’ve used two circs for the tops of hats and sleeves of sweaters and prefer dpns or my own “brand” of two circ knitting with stitches on three ends of two circular needles and the last end used as the “working” needle. This is fast becoming my favorite.

Magic Loop doesn’t make much sense to me, or maybe my circs don’t have flexible enough cables to do it correctly, so that techique is being shoved way in the back of my brain until I decide to try it again.

Long Live Sock Knitters (of ANY and EVERY technique!!) :XX: :XX:


Oh, and I agree with Vicki and Kelly!

I want that (currently unwritten) book with sock basics and all the different ways to do heels, gussets, toes, knee-sock leg shaping, etc.

Maybe Silver and Rebecca could get together and wirte it for us? :?? :wink: :thinking:


Then how come I’m the only one who voted?!?

I did toe up socks recently and I did them on DPNs…not hard at all. Don’t know if/when I’ll make another pair of bigfoot socks tho…cause they were huge.

Not sure if I could make myself do bigfoot socks, either!

Old School all the way!

I’ve only made one pair (actually only one sock, and will do the other soon) and it’s on the dpns. I want to try the circular needles tho.

Okay, I’ve really & truly lost my mind!! I voted yesterday, I posted & it’s not here…I’m really loosing my mind :roflhard: :rofling:
Okay, dpns in tandem…when I finish my current project list, which is quite long, I intend to take a nice long time in which I experiment with other methods of sock construction, have the Inox & Addi’s on the way for 2 socks with 2 circs in sizes 0-4 & a box of sock yarn…a big box :wink:

[color=blueviolet]I love ML so that’s my vote. Check out the link in my sig to see my ML sock.[/color]