Favorite handlotions

I don’t know about y’all, but at this time of the year my skin gets dry anyway but add to that extra housecleaning, extra dishes (due to holiday-related get togethers, etc.), and top it of with a frenzied burst of Holiday knitting and my hands are shot. And I’m not just talking about “manicure” issues here…I’m talking about dry skin that looks and feels shredded especially where the yarns are constantly running through my fingers. And no, I’m not knitting with steel wool. :help:

So, anyone want to share info about their favorite hand lotions, ungents, etc. Ones that don’t leave you (or your yarn) feeling greasy or abused?

A while back, I ended up getting a silly manicure kit from the mall. The guy attacked me and made my hand feel like a million bucks. I ended up shelling out the $25 for the hand lotion, cuticle oil, and some big nail brush thing. But anyway…

The cuticle oil is like super moisture. I work at a barn, taking care of horses, so my hands are constantly being abused. My fingers get exactly how you describe… like raw sandpaper. So I figured, why the heck not. I ended up putting this cuticle oil over my entire hands… not a huge amount, just enough to moisturize without being too oily. It totally did the trick. My regular hand lotion didn’t touch the rough spots… but that oil worked wonders. The slimeyness only lasted about a half hour until it all soaked in. Maybe its something to look into.

For my normal dry skin needs, I use St. Ives 24 hour moisture for extra dry hands :slight_smile:

I really like Lubriderm fro everyday moisture. It’s inexpensive, non greasy and it works.

For a little luxury, I like Korres Natural Products Body Butter. It’s expensive, but a little goes a long way and is really luxurious.

I also make my own lotions and my current favorite home made lotion is made with Emu oil and Monoi de Tahiti (which is coconut oil infused with Tahitian gardenia). Making your own lotions is really easy by the way! :slight_smile:

I love Aveda’s Hand Relief and also the Foot Relief. It is nice and thick but soaks in but lasts a while. The Foot Relief kept my feet from getting dry and cracked this summer- I wasn’t too embarased wearing sandals this year.

For body lotion, I usually use an inexpensive cream like St. Ives, but on my hands I often use a foot cream before I go to bed. It’s thicker than most hand creams and takes a while to soak in, but it’s great before bed. Also, Vaseline works quite well too. You could try those little moisture gloves with a thick cream at bed too.

I have started using Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Lotion with Aloe. It is the best lotion I have ever used. (True to my cheapskate tendancies, I got a couple bottles at the grocery store when they were on a BOGO sale, and I had two $1 coupons too. So it was a steal.) Around here it goes for about $6 for a 14 oz. bottle.

Weleda Skin Food. It’s pricey, but works well on my very dry skin (and smells nice). Walgreens has some gift sets with it.


I have horrible hands, and I find that almost everything works if you apply it often enough. My hands have improved tremendously since using handmade soap, but I haven’t yet gotten into lotions. Something which works REALLY well for me is to rub my hands with cocoa butter (yummy, natural, and smells like chocolate) before bed and putting plastic gloves and then warm gloves or mittens over the plastic. When I get up my hands feel wonderful.

The work I do, chaining, strapping down loads in all sorts of weather takes it toll on my hands. I’ve found Lubriderm to be very good at healing up the damage.

They’re still somewhat hard and rough, but that kinda goes with the territory. The lotion does heal up the dry, cracked skin though.

I use Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair lotion. This is what my dermatolgist recommended for my eczema. I know that Eucerin also makes a heavier cream for hands and feet.

It’s kind of greasy so I ussually put it on at night, after I take a shower. My favourite thing about this lotion is that it has Alpha Hydroxy Acid in it which really helps with flakiness/ashiness. Also, it’s kind of expensive, about $10 for a big bottle but I know Target makes a store brand, if you live near Target. I’m sure Wal-Mart must make one too.

I bought dh Burt’s Bees ResQ ointment. He uses it before bed and it is helping. He works outside and his hands get all dry and cracked in the winter. I have also been using it on my hands and feet at night.

I found a lotion called SewSoft…lotion for busy hands. It is formulated for quilters, crafters, sewers and knitters. It is very light, and non-greasy. Also non-staining. You can apply it often, if needed, while you are knitting or crocheting. I discovered it while taking a smocking class. I think I got it at Joann.

I really like Curel ultra healing. It’s thick, but soaks in quickly and leaves my hands feeling really silky.

I feel your pain, besides having dry skin I work in a hospital so am constantly washing my hands. I try everything but my old reliable is called DML cream. For a lighter everyday body lotion, I use something called SKIN TRIP that I found at my alternative grocery store.

I am an accountant - and recently we had one of these guys want to hire us. We declined. They are all Israeli nationals - and they bring their people in to work. That part is all good - but they pay their employees under the table - which my firm naturally cannot support.
He told us how much they pay for their miracle stuff - the mark up is absurd. BTW - I also have been accosted and have the very same kit…the cuticle oil is indeed the best part. The rest is eh average.