Favorite DPNs

Hi everyone. Silver has me thinking about socks…alot. I hit the LYS yesterday and ohhhhhhhhhh, those sock yarns just JUMPED into my basket and when I tried to get them out it got ugly so I had to buy them. I get credit for not allowing all the yarn I wanted to jump in though.

What are your favoite DPNs for socks? AND (if ya’ll don’t mind another question) if you want a different color for the toe, heel, and top do you just start another color as you would on any other project?


:rofling: don’t ya just hate when the yarn does that?? I just wish my dh would belive me and not think I had anything to do with it :rofling:

I like to use bamboo DPNs for socks… I think its easier to keep the sts on the metal ones I have trouble with them slipping off… I haven’t tried the different colors so I’m not sure on that one… I would prolly just start it like any color change lol but that might not be right :lol:

I agree with bamboo for dpns. I love my slick Addis for regular knitting, but for dpns, I find bamboo is much better–no falling out.

Nobody believes that I have a spasm in my right hand that keeps me clicking on ‘add to cart’ when I’m on yarn sites. :rofling:

:smiley: LOL, I completely understand! My sweet hubby is often the one buying the yarn :wink:
My fave dpns for socks are 6" Inox :wink:

I use wood or bamboo for the same slipperyness issue.

And yes, if you want different color toes and heels, you can just do it as you normally would. Some of the hand dyed and self patterning yarn though might give you a little bit of the “toe a different color effect” depending on how it was dyed (width of stripes).

I’m a bamboo DPN fan, too. I tried metal first and was so frustrated!!

I love Lantern Moon ebony, but they are a bit pricey! So far they are my all time favorite.

I also use Addi Natura (when I want a less pricey option). I didn’t like these at first because for bamboo they are quick slick… I think they may have a resin coating, but the more I use them the more I like them. Very light weight and they don’t seem to warp as easily as some other bamboo needles I have used.

theknitter.com has free shipping even if you are just ordering a set or two of needles, so that can be a good place to get needles without adding on the cost of a set again from shipping!

I find rosewoods, once I get down to a size 1 or 0 to be too brittle, and break too easily.

Mama Bear

I use Crystal Palace bamboo on projects that take a 3 or larger. But I like to do socks on really small diameter needles – 00’s aren’t out of the question. It’s really difficult to find wood/bamboo needles that small, so I end up using metal. Inox is the best so far, but I’m still experimenting.

I’ve not yet purchased any bamboo dpn’s. I have a bunch of metal ones I bought off eBay when I was a newbie knitter (icky, too slicky). Since I don’t have a LYS, and I was anxious to try my hand at socks, I simply made my own using dowel rods from Home Depot, following Amy’s instructional video. They work great for me, and I use them all the time. :smiley:

I like bamboo, and the Brittany birch dpn’s. :thumbsup:

I like the Brittany birch 5" dpns and if you break one, they’ll send you more!

I’ve made the majority of my socks on metal… but that was before I found bamboo in the size I use! I will still use the metal for DHs, but that’s because I make his out of WW on size 3s. The bamboo needles I have are very slick, but still grab the yarn enough that I don’t pull the needle out of my work by accident when finishing one needle and starting the next! :oops: I’m working on a pair of socks using my Bryspuns, but I’m still not sure if I like them… the set I bought is quite long, and I’m not liking that very much. :frowning:

i normally am anti-Susan Bates, but I have a set of the Quicksilver DPNs and I REALLY like them. I believe they are coated aluminum. Susan Bates has several kinds of DPNs, there are very inexpensive metal ones and they are NOT the same, they are heavy and clumsy, but the Quicksilver’s, which are still very reasonably priced, are dreamy. i am normally all about the woods when it comes to DPNs, Plymouth and Brittany being my favorite, but I bought a set of the Quicksilvers in an out of town sock knitting emergency. :wink: When i got home, I switched the project to the bamboos, but almost immediately switched back to the Quicksilvers. I find them to be lighter and faster, but not too slick. I have not used DPNs a WHOLE lot, but so far I definitely prefer the Quicksilver over the bamboo and birch for sock knitting.

I’ve used both metal and bamboo DPNs, and I like the metal ones. I used metal for my first pair of socks. I only wish I could get them shorter, about 5" instead of 7". I don’t really like the stickyness of bamboo. I have a few sets of Britany needles, and I love them, but I’m a tight knitter and it’s annoying to need to schooch the stitches all of the time. If you knit loose, then bamboo is probably the way to go.

I LOVE Crystal Palace bamboos!

i prefer that to the brittany, but i havent tried any others. wait, i tried one other, but i cant remember the name of it. they were US6. i like the crystal palace because of the nice pointy ends and because they seem strong. kelly have you broken any? i want to get some US 1’s but i dont want them to break!

I like wood or aluminum. Don’t like steel - too heavy. Pointy is better, which is why I sometimes prefer the aluminum. But wood feels so nice in the hand…

[size=1][/size][color=brown][/color]I love the Quicksilver DPNs, too. :hiding: [size=7][/size][color=red][/color]Yes, I really do! [size=3][/size]They’re light, work well with everything, durable, and you can’t beat the price!

Speaking of Susan Bates Quicksilver dpn’s, I found a new set, still in the package, at Salvation Army on Saturday for fifty cents! :happydance:

They are size US size 6, 16", which is a size I needed. YeeHaw, God blesses! :cheering:

edit: I feel stupid. It wasn’t dnp’s I bought, it was a circular. It was still a great deal, though. :thumbsup:

Sock yarn can be so aggressive – just jumping into your basket like that! It’s a good thing it’s so cute, or it would never get away with such obnoxious behavior!

I’ve been using Clover bamboo dpns and have been very happy with them.